Sting Announced For WrestleCon In New Orleans Over Wrestlemania Weekend

The promoters of WrestleCon announced on Monday that Sting will be appearing at the event on Sunday, April 6, 2014 at The Sugar Mill in New Orleans, Louisiana. He'll be signing from 10:30 AM until 1:30 PM and they're limiting the appearance to 250 people.

Sting will also be available to people that purchase tickets for photo ops.

Click here for more information.

Richard Reacts: As suspected, this pretty much confirms Sting will not appear at Wrestlemania XXX. If a deal with WWE gets done, it will likely be for next year's show.

  • BIG M

    How is that confirming he’s not going to appear at Mania Richard.
    WrestleMania 30 will take place on sunday night April 6 in New Orleans, Sting is in New Orleans for an autograph signing on that sunday afternoon don’t think I’m jumping to conclusions by believing thats not a coincidence.
    If he’s in New Orleans and he’s supposedly finally WWE bound he could easily make a “surprise” appearance couldn’t he.
    At the very least he would show up at Raw on April 7.

    • opie

      If they were using him for a surprise appearance at mania, they wouldn’t let him do any publicity.

      • BIG M

        Unless thats what they want everyone to think.
        My guess is Sting as already agreed on principle but WWE won’t let him sign the contract till the day so he can do publicity and even deny he’s going to appear at the show just to ensure the “surprise”.
        They did the same kind of pointless sneaky stuff when Lesner returned the Raw after Mania 28 even though everyone already knew he was going to show either at Mania or the following Raw.

        • opie

          *puts on tin-foil hat