Sting Discusses How Close He's Come To Signing With WWE, Where He Intends To Retire, More

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The Miami Herald has a new interview up with quotes from Sting, in which he discusses Slammiversary, his long tenure with TNA, his passion for the business, and more. In the following excerpt, Sting discusses how close he came to signing with WWE:

“I guess the best way for me to tell you is on a scale of one to 10,” Sting said. “I think the first three times over the years that I spoke with Vince McMahon and was close to going there, there were times where we were about a six or seven. I think this last go around we were probably about a nine. We were very close. I was actually surprised that things turned out the way they did.”

“Never say never in this business,” Sting said. “We know that. Wrestler’s honor means jack. It doesn’t mean anything. I can tell you that this moment right now as it stands, I‘m happy where I am. If things continue the way they have, I can see myself hanging my boots right here.”

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  • Paul

    I think when he retires he will regret not going to the wwe even if just for a year.
    If he’s happy where he is though then good for him, he doesn’t need the wwe he will still be remembered as a legendary wrestler but one year in wwe and a wrestlemania would be great.

    • Alex P

      Yeah I fully agree with this. I mean I think he will regret not even making a WWE run from a personal standpoint, but he doesn't need a WWE to cement his legacy by any means! I would love to see 1 match in the WWE. Just 1…

  • Anand

    No Stinger No. We wanna see you fight against the Undertaker 🙂

  • Mike

    WWE doesn't need Sting. Sting doesn't need WWE. But it sould be great to see if Vince would do it right for the Stinger!

  • Maz

    If he aint been in the wwe, he will never be forgotten and never be a big time player.
    He must of wrestled 20+ yrs yet guys like cm punk are bigger than him in a year.

    • Guest

      Whoa there junior watch who you are saying is bigger and than whom. Sting came along in a boom of wrestling in the 80's made it to the top as stayed there. By you logic Ric Flair is not as big as Zack Ryder.

    • Dangerous Lee

      Nobody listen to this guy….

  • Jeff

    I dont get the big excitement about sting wrestling Taker at Mania. It probably wont be that good of a match and all you nerds will s*** all over it even though it was exactly what you wanted to see. It wont surpise me.

  • Darla

    While I admit that a match between Sting and the Undertaker could be awesome, I do NOT want to see it bad enough for Sting to be made an example of by VKM. NO WAY! Sting has worked hard for years, he is a stand up guy, and he has done a tremendous amount for the wrestling business. No way does he deserve to have his legacy trashed by doing a stint in WWE where he is basically jobbing to the Undertaker and humilated at every turn, replacing Jim Ross as VKM's favorite whipping boy. I don't trust Vince as far as I could throw him – Sting deserves better.

  • lloyd Clarke

    sting doesn’t need to go wwe but his career deserves to walk down the aisle at wrestle mania

  • _JIM_

    Anybody who thinks that because Sting hasn’t had a run with WWE that it somehow means he’s not a big time player is severely uninformed. Either that or they are 12 or 13 yrs old and really have no idea who Sting really is or what he has done other than being woth TNA. Sting literally carried WCW on his back for years along with Ric Flair. He could’ve gone to WWE anytime he wanted and they would’ve paid him whatever number he came up with. He was the #2 baby face in the business behind only Hogan and McMahon would’ve paid him a lot of money to jump ship. But he never did because he was loyal to WCW and he feared what McMahon would’ve done to his character while he was there. He could’ve totally buried him and ruined his career. Which he was known to do to WCW talent that made the jump to WWE. I respect Sting as much as, if not more than, anybody else in wrestling. He made millions of dollars and became a HUGE star without ever having to be under contract to Vince McMahon.

    • Jeremy

      I get the part where you said Vince McMahon of WWE would ruin WCW characters. I mean c'mon Stunning Steve Austin came to WWE and become Stone Cold Steve Austin. Rey Mysterio Jr. lost his mask in WCW and WWE brought him back with the mask. Bill Goldberg was a monster in WCW and WWE brought him back as he was and even gave him a title run and a feud with their top superstars. Booker-T was a champion in WCW, WWE made him into a fan-favorite in WWE.

      Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, and Dean Malenko were a bunch of nobodies in WCW but WWE turn them into world class champions and alumni, Edge was a jobber in WCW and WWE gave him a chance to shine as both a tag team champion and world heavyweight champion. Even guys like Steven Regal, DDP, and Raven had great runs in the WWE, DDP got a good feud with The Undertaker, Steve Regal (William Regal) went on to manage Tajiri and even became a commissioner and Raven was given the WWE hardcore champion a few times. Even Mean Mark Callous who was formerly in WCW became a 20-0 undefeated phenom at WrestleMania to who we now known as The Undertaker. Add in all those other wrestlers that WCW let go like Terra Ryzing (Triple H), Bruiser Mastino (Kane), and Paul Wight (Big Show).

  • robert

    sting can sign a contract with any kind of terms he won't be jobbing to no one if he has creative control and hhh hasn't tarnished anything by loosing more than winning at wm win loss in wrestling means squat i sometimes don't remember who won between between angle v lesnar at wm it's the match anyone who thinks loosing to undertaker will do anything to your image is dumb, as long as it's not a 2 minute squash any 20 minute match makes look good if you are good.

  • opie

    Sting is one of the most over-hyped wrestlers in history. The pinnacle of his career was the 18-month span he spent NOT wrestling.

  • Matt

    Vince owns the vast majority of Sting's career and I'm sure Sting isn't complaining getting checks for videos sold with him in it (probably making enough to live comfortably off of) but for sure he'll be in HOF one day. I think him vs Taker at next year's Mania would be the best of both companies colliding.

  • Kevin

    Vince is a brilliant businessman. I can see Sting retiring from TNA, and then Vince signing him to a one year contract, much the way he did Rock or Brock. Sting would have limited engagements, probably do a run against Cena, (although I'd prefer it be against Undertaker), and then he'll be retired for life. It would really be awesome if Sting signed with WWE for a 1 year deal and worked a rivalry against The Undertaker, culminating in a terrific match at Wrestlemania. UT would win, of course (After all, it IS Wrestlemania), then both men could retire.