Sting To Be Featured In WWE 2K15

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After all of the speculation and rumors, WWE announced on Monday Night Raw that Sting will be available on the pre-order edition of WWE 2K15, which is set to release on October 28th.

Sting teased something would be happening today last week with the Tweet "7.14.14" and as we reported, it was about his appearance in WWE 2K15. Below are photos that were just sent out:

You can view the promo on here.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Cool video package. Very cool

  • Dave Barton

    This is probably the best way to “test the waters” with current WWE fans to see how much (or how little) they want to see Sting in a WWE ring. Gotta face facts, the last time he was featured regularly in direct competition with WWE was almost 15 years ago.

    • Vic Jose

      Sting is an icon and I would love to finally see him in the WWE

    • BIG M

      You could hear the crowd give a pretty nice pop when they played the video and a loud boo after the it ended and they realized he wasn’t actually there.
      So I’d say he’s still in the minds of Adult fans.

  • Ken

    Good thing I didn’t get my hopes up for an actual appearance from Sting. Hey WWE Universe; sorry ’bout yo damn luck.

    • supercilious1

      I think most fans knew it was for a video game.

    • Mysterion

      God job it was actually reported he wouldn’t be on RAW…

  • supercilious1

    At least now no one will have to create a CAW of Sting, not even for the 90s Surfer Sting 🙂

  • Joey

    I for one haven’t pre-ordered a WWE game in some time now and i’m getting bored of the same old stuff other then the last two story modes dealing with the attitude era and WrestleMania! Not sure what the new story will be maybe making a superstar and having him start his career in NXT and work your CAW up from a rookie to the showcase of immortals so other then the last two story modes when i’m done it goes back to gamestop cause WWE Universe is getting stale!! There are never any good pre-order bonuses, Well I’m pre-ordering WWE 2K15 for one reason and it will be locked in my game collection forever!!! So Id say he is still on the minds of Adult fans!!!!