Sting Featured On WWE Network, Update On WWE Future

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Sting was featured on the WWE Network in a new Ultimate Warrior tribute that aired on Tuesday night. The piece was filmed recently and marks Sting's first appearance for the company.

The belief is Sting's signing with WWE is imminent if it hasn't happened already. There are plans for him to wrestle more than one match, with a run that could conclude at Wrestlemania 31 next year.

  • Gesus Oliver

    The plot thickens!

  • Latino

    First off…R.I.P Warrior, second….Sting as he is today(Not WCW Archived)….on a WWE program…It just got real :D. While it’s not the way we would have loved to see him debut on WWE programming it’s still something to see :D, can’t wait to see him on RAW soon, so excited!

  • ClintMurphy


  • H.M.

    The day Sting is announced as signed for WWE is the day I’ll be satisfied. Until then, it’s not a surefire thing for me.

  • Philip Dickens

    please wwe stop teasing us and just let borden appear on tv

  • Mysterion

    We slaughter TNA for using older talent on TV. We then compliment WWE for doing the same.