Sting Joins YouTube & Facebook; Watch A New Video From The Icon Here

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In addition to launching a Twitter account, Sting is now on YouTube and Facebook. You can watch his first YouTube video embedded below:

Thanks to Wrestling News World readers Patrick Peralta for sending this in.

  • Hornswoggle is terribly nruerdated because of his size, but he deserves some attention for recently beating Sheamus to win the Battle Royal in this week’s Smackdown. When you look at his WWE career, it is amazing how much he has accomplished. He was Cruiserweight Champion in 2007 making him the first little person to win a belt in WWE history. He is going on 5 years in the WWE, which shows that he has staying power in a business that can make or break you. And he kissed AJ, arguably the hottest diva, on the LIPS. In a society that holds tall people in high regard, the WWE looks at a man that is 4 feet 6 inches tall and sees a Superstar.