Sting Not Retired; Still Wants Match Against Undertaker

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Sting isn’t retiring from the ring - at least not until he gets a match against The Undertaker. “The Icon,” who will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this weekend, stated at a media event on Friday he doesn’t know where TMZ got their report he was retiring. Brian Fritz, who attended at Wrestlemania media event on Friday, noted the following on Twitter:

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For the second post in a row, we confirmed here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium on February 21, 2016 that both Sting and John Cena were ready and willing to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32.

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  • This Guy

    I feel something is going to happen at the Hell in a Cell match.

    • Reginald Finely

      This Guy,… This Guy right here has ideas!

  • David Nugent

    Well for what it’s worth here’s what I think;
    Shane bought WCW (Sting’s company effectively putting him out of a job)
    Sting turns up and costs Shane the match thus angering the Undertaker who didn’t need or want any help.
    Instant set up for Wrestlemania 33

  • Kleck

    Sting at SummerSlam, Cena at Mania 33 with Taker being inducted or vice versa.

  • Ben

    Ugh, hard pass. If the part-timers aren’t coming back to put young full-timers over, they don’t need to come back period.

    • Avalanchian

      sorry but in this case Taker vs Sting even if it’s a bit late in their years is one of the biggest draws. New and old fans would die for this match to happen. All those years Sting was in TNA and his contract from coming up we all hoped he was leaving to go to WWE to face Taker.

      • Ben

        Not arguing the drawing power, I just have no desire whatsoever to see the match at this point. It’s not just a bit late- these guys are in their 50s and both sitting with a career’s worth of injuries. This would have been a lot more intriguing a decade ago.

        • Snap

          True, and to be fair, it has been Sting who has been refusing signing with WWE until now. Things could have been quite a bit different.

        • ron

          So am I, going into my 50s so that might be why I want to see it while they are both still able

    • ron

      Sorry but believe that is and should be the case in some situations. But usually with more of a longer return like Chris J. But sting and taker with 1 appearance returns are there for the gate and bring eyes to the event. And also to add I don’t think either Sting or Taker care who wins if they ever get their match against each other. They just want to perform together in the ring regardless of the outcome. With that said I think Vince will only book it with Taker going over just like with HHH. He his head the back story is WWE vs WCW and WWE always wins

      • Ben

        If Vince and company did a better job building up the current talent, they wouldn’t need these guys to show up for one night and go back home. They’d have eyes on the product already. How many part-timers did you see in main events at WM during the Attitude Era? I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

        Who cares who wins when they’ll both be at home the following night? The outcome is absolutely meaningless. Now, Taker or Sting putting over a full-time worker (or Brock for that matter)? That’s a really nice push for said worker and maybe they capitalize, using the opportunity to become a huge star. Maybe they fail. Either way, it’s a main event spot that’ll go to a match that would actually matter the next day.

  • AB

    I’d still like to see Taker/Sting, even if it’s not up to the standard it could’ve been. That said, I totally get why people are against it and have no interest in it. It’s something I think I would personally enjoy, not something I’m going to argue will definitely be awesome and live up to the hype.