Sting Pushing TNA For A Live Show, Says The Company Is More Popular In The UK Than US, His Status, More

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Brian Fritz has a new interview online with Sting to promote tonight's edition of Impact Wrestling. You can listen in the video embedded below:

  • Mr C

    TNA is very popular over here in the UK, would love to see them over more and yes…. They need to have live tv shows

  • mrhappy

    the reason why it's so popular because its broadcasted on a free tv channel over in the uk

    • Mr C

      Including PPV’s. All is free over here.

      I assume by your comment that you pay for this spike. out of curiosity, how much is it?

  • jdl

    TNA would probably be more popular if it was on a station that marketed it properly. Spike is one of the worst channels on television, the content ranges from childish pandering to extremely low budget, they don't have what it takes to push TNA like it deserves.

  • Jim

    Sting is right. IMO TNA should’ve never left Monday nights. So what if they were getting beaten up in the ratings at first. So did WCW when Nitro first aired, and they stuck it out and wound up almost putting the WWF/E down for good. If they actually had the backing of their own network and ownership, and weren’t run by morons they could’ve stayed competetive. But unlike WCW, TNA didn’t have the guts, and or smarts, to stick it out on Mondays. If they actually thought they were going to take over the ratings instantly, maybe they have some morons there as well. Sad thing is its mostly the same morons making the same mistakes. They should’ve known that they would have to grow an audience on Mondays. Which IMO they would’ve if they were putting on the shows that they are now back then. Focusing on their home grown talent. Instead of the Nasty Boys. By this time they would’ve been way better off on Monday nights than what they are now on Thursday nights. Monday is and always will be everyones wrestling night. NFL slows it down a bit but that’s about it.

    • Remmy

      To say it slows it down a bit is a bit of an understatement.

  • ted

    sting is so stupid and delusional thAT IT is not even funny. wwe crushed tna on mondays and they ran back to thursdays with thier tails between their legs.

    hogan, flair, sting are old dinosaurs who are so egotistical that they can'r see the fact they are complete jokes in 2012