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With the stipulation in Sting's match on next week's Genesis episode of Impact Wrestling, does this mean he's on his way out? Do you see him jumping to WWE?

I briefly mentioned Sting's status at this link, however, allow me to elaborate. We reported here on Premium on December 19, 2013 that re-signing Sting had become a top priority in TNA Wrestling. Fresh off losing Hulk Hogan and AJ Styles, Sting is a talent seen as one of the biggest reasons why the company has been able to land so many desirable television contracts in overseas markets. Because of the aforementioned departures and the fact that Sting is still considered the face of TNA, they really do not want to lose him. While it's believed Sting is being asked to accept less money than he's been making, it's not considered to be a huge drop. Sting intentionally works on a year-to-year basis to keep his options open so it will ultimately hinge on what he wants to do. TNA is aware that Sting will command a lot of interest from WWE, especially around Wrestlemania season with the forthcoming WWE Network. He is one of the few guys that could leave TNA and walk directly into a prominent spot in WWE.

Will the WWE Network have every past episode of Monday Night Raw and Smackdown available when it launches?

No, all past episodes of Monday Night Raw and Smackdown will not be available upon launch of the WWE Network. The company is going to launch the Network with 1500 hours of on-demand programming of material that has been digitized from their tape library. Material will routinely be added and episodes of Raw and Smackdown will be available for replay on the network after their initial airing.

You've stated before that you think that Undertaker should retire with the streak unless it would benefit a future superstar and elevate his career. What would your thoughts be on Roman Reigns challenging for and ultimately ending the streak?

The only time I've advocated ending the streak was last year's bout against CM Punk. Punk was already etched in WWE history with the 434-day WWE Championship reign and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take him to iconic status. After the match happened, I was glad WWE went ahead and put Undertaker over. The fact he can still go at such a high level has made me back off any notion of ending the streak. It's a record that deserves to remain intact and it would be the wrong move to end it. Roman Reigns has a tremendous amount of potential but the risk doesn't outweigh the reward in a prospective Wrestlemania match that has him going over Undertaker. Undertaker has suggested two opponents that I know of - Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan. I still expect the former to happen but I don't think anyone would mind if Bryan got the nod.

Aside from Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who are the people backstage in WWE who have a lot of influence, not including top talent?

I always point to Kevin Dunn when people ask who the "next man up" is on the executive food chain backstage at WWE shows. Dunn is the executive producer of WWE programming, a member of the company's board of directors and an executive officer. He is Vince's "righthand man" at TVs and holds a tremendous amount of power and influence. Jane Geddes, who fans are familiar with through Total Divas, is also high up on the pecking order as is Sean Clearly, who is the new Senior Vice President of Talent Relations.

From the Ask WNW vault…

August 2012: I thought Kane’s part in the anger management class segment was funny but didn’t WWE put the mask back on him to portray him as an evil monster (and not comedic relief)? - One could argue no one has booked with more inconstancy in WWE history than Kane. The character goes from evil to comedy in one week with absolutely no reason. How about Kane the commentator? Kane fans get furious when I say this but he’s a reliable veteran the company puts in to “fill the gaps.”

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  • David

    Oh deary me noooooo!

    Roman Reigns has proven his worth as part of a tag team however as a singles competitor he still has a great deal to prove.

    I can’t. Judge too far but i can say that from his match with Punk that he’s. Still a way from a major title let alone the streak. He’s very handsome and looks strong but his ring work isn’t at the right level just yet. Sure his spear is beautifully executed but his pacing and dynamics in a match are underdeveloped. He slowed that match down to a snails pace and was losing the crowd as a result.

    I can see why people are enamoured with the guy, but give him time. Rocket packs are more often than not bad for business.

  • Salacious B. Crumb

    Thanks for answering a question I had about previous episodes of Raw & Smackdown! being available on the WWE Network. I was really hoping they would be.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Remember, though, they have a lot of hours to fill with viewing every week – pretty sure they will be playing older episodes of Raw in a scheduled timeslot

  • The Breaker

    I think part of the reason why people are so impressed by Roman Reigns is because of how little we knew about him prior to his debut. Jon Moxley (Ambrose) and Tyler Black (Rollins) were prominent workers on the indy scene and we pretty much knew what to expect with them. So I think a lot of people immediately put Reigns under the magnifying glass. And because of the fact that he blew away any expectations we had for him right out of the gate, people are ready to push him to the moon. I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve the praise he’s getting. He has all the qualities of a star. But it’s only been a year and he’s just recently started to show his ability as a singles performer. There’s still so much more room for him to grow. Give him time to do that, so when he reaches the highest stage (which I firmly believe will happen organically– he’s that kind of talent), he’ll have the experience needed to invent within himself the next great superstar.

  • Mysterion

    Jesus. Roman Reigns is quickly becoming the new internet love interest.

  • Christopher Kandrat

    Would be nice to have sting on WWE. And oh make Roman Reigns Champ again. haha

  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    Kudos, Richard Gray for keeping the Sting situation unbiased; it’s one of those ” wait and see what happens” scenarios.

  • monty

    how about this, we see DB vs Taker this year and its very close but Taker wins. The loss Makes DB insane, he takes it out on everyone, gets suspended but comes out anyway to raise some hell

    he is a man of a mission to all he desires a rematch, but WWE doesn’t grant him his wish. somehow some way he wins the royal rumble but has zero interest in Championship match. He gets his title shot a PPV early and wins the title

    he puts his career and title on the line
    Taker can win and retire at top so we have a 30 minutes iron man match.

    DB wins in over time next night Taker retires and DB becomes the IT Franchise player like Austin,rock,hogan etc,

    I know its Far fetched but i have the sting vs Hogan story line in Mind where Sting was in the Arena but mostly stayed in shadows> Make it a year in to the making. everyone doubts DB. his fellow wrestlers etc,

  • monty

    if i am sting why not give it a shot, do maybe 3-4 total PPV’s

    Wrestling Fans want to see Sting vs Taker

    I would love to see sting vs HBK

    Sting vs DB or punk

    it was great to see hagan vs rock but having sting would mean that much more. Also i hope one day Kurt Angle can come back too with those you suck chants

    yes chants today and you suck chants back in the day lol some of the best moments

  • Bill Krow

    Reigns has somewhat of a look, but I’m not agreeing with the “make reigns champ” craze thats in right now. he’s been in the background of the trio since the came in (up to last couple weeks) Rollins/ambrose have carried the matches for the most part,and there is no personality with his character at this point either. He should remain the enforcer of the shield. Im sure there could be a nice contract for a Sting run for a year or 2 in WWE (like Lesnar,Jericho), To see Sting walk down the aisle in WWE would be EPIC, no matter if it were taker or someone else standing in the ring.