Sting Won't Rule Out WWE Run, Wants Match With Undertaker; Says He'd Work For Ring Ka King, Comments On Hogan Sex Tape Controversy

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The Phoenix News Times has a lengthy interview online with Sting to promote TNA Bound for Glory. Below is an excerpt:

Would you ever work in India for TNA's sister company Ring Ka King?

You know, if it comes about, I wouldn't say no to it. I'd like to say I did that at least once. So yeah, I'd be willing to do something like that.

Conversely, do you think you'll ever make it into the WWE's Hall of Fame? Especially since they've inducted people who were never even involved with the federation, like Eddie Graham or Gordon Solie?

Well, I know every year there seems to be talk of it. There's rumors that always fly. It was all over the Internet pretty big last year or the year before. So, I don't know, especially now that I will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. They may just turn the page at that point. I have no idea.

What would it take for them to get you in a WWE ring?

Ahhh...It's too tough of a question to answer because its not just what they would do. It would have to depend on what the dynamics of that particular time would be. What's going on? What's the context? For example, right here with TNA. What are my choices? You just never say never.

Is there anyone in the WWE or Ring of Honor that you'd still like to hook up with someday?

Everybody knows, as far as non-TNA wrestlers, it would have to be Taker. Always wanted to have one real cool thing with Taker.

Is it frustrating that Hogan's controversy is dominating the mainstream media's coverage of TNA and stealing the spotlight a bit from the buildup for Bound for Glory, the biggest pay-per-view of the year? Or is bad publicity still publicity, period?

Well, I don't necessarily believe that people that are going to buy a ticket or pay attention to Bound For Glory -- whether they just found out about it, don't know about it, or whatever. I don't think the tape or anything like that is going to have any bearing. They're there to see Bound For Glory. People are coming to see the TNA wrestling stars and they want to see the storyline unfold. I don't think that he is outshining TNA (laughs). Maybe from, you know, the rest of the world, but the TNA audience itself? Yeah, I'm sure they're going to be curious about it, but -- for the most part -- they care about the storylines. They want to watch Bound For Glory. That's what I believe.

Click here to read the interview in its entirety.

  • snuggle

    Wrestlemania 30 main event has just been planted. Sting is smart he goes into the Tna hof, than doesn’t resign once his contract is up. Sting then finally signs with Wwe, has a few good feuds that will ultimately lead to the Sting/Taker match that’s over ten years in the making.

    • Patrick Peralta

      early in their careers they have meet…only before Undertaker arrived in WWE… When he was known as Mean" Mark Callous.

  • JJ

    WM 30 line up: Austin vs cena face of the additude era vs face of the pg era….punk vs rock….undertake vs sting….for the wwe title Daniel Bryan vs dolph ziggler…for the WHC Cody Rhodes vs the miz….England vs Ireland wade barrett vs shamus in a street fight

    • Brentos22

      Dream lineup right there

  • Kleck

    At WrestleMania 30
    Sting will be 55
    Undertaker will be 49

  • Nick

    The mother of ALL dream matches, Sting vs The Undetaker, I would gladly spend all my money to go see this one live wherever the match would be! Sting is by far my favorite wrestler OF ALL TIME while The Undertaker is easily one of the greatest ever. To witness this match would be a dream come true to wrestling fans around the world!

  • AnacondaVise

    I got nothing but respect for Sting but he faces Undertaker at WM he is going down just like everyone else. 🙂

  • BigMike

    10 Years? this has been on the minds of most wrestling fans since he started the Crow gimmick in 1996

  • _JIM_

    Shouldn’t Sting’s deal be expiring soon? I thought that every year right after BFG his contract expired since he only signs 1 year deals with TNA every time his contract comes up. I would LOVE to see Sting show up on Raw. How awesome would that be?

  • ted

    sting is NEVER going to be in wwe because vince mcmahon does not need him in the company. the guy is niddle aged and many fans who watched sting in wcw think he retired in 2001 when wwe purchased wcw.

    if sting was a draw in 2012/2013, then tna would not be getting below 1.0 ratings each week.

    • Razmos01

      U say WWE dont need him……do you realise how much of a draw a Sting v Taker match will pull?? WWE needs ratings as much as the next organisation, why do you think they are having to pull The Rock in? Because he draws big ratings!!

    • ChrisH

      Yeah. Totally agree. Vince definitely doesn’t need to bring in old men that fans LOVE to boost their ratings and sell merch and increase PPV buys. He definitely doesnt. He definitely doesn’t need Sting. Or rock, Austin, foley, Piper, Flair.

      Dot be ridiculous. Vince loves money and ratings. Like Sting being at WWE in any shape wouldn’t bring in both.

  • XKonn247

    Hes not ruling it out. He’s letting age do that for him.

  • Dave Barton

    I'll go ahead & be "that guy" by pointing out the pink elephant sitting on the living room couch…

    Putting the small percentage of smarks aside, I'd say at least half of the current WWE audience (women & children) don't know who Sting is or why his facing Taker would be such a big match. Further, I don't think those women & children will get excited if they hear that WWE just signed a 53yo wrestler who has never been in WWE before.

    • Bluetrooperair

      It wouldn’t take long for them to become educated. If it happens I just hope creative comes up with a storyline unlike the typical HHH vs Undertaker one last time scenario… Yawn.

    • ChrisH

      And you know what? At least half of the audience don’t know who ANY character is when they introduce them. Damian Sandow, for example. It’s called “development”. “building a character.”

      They might not know who Sting is initially, but a mic in his hand, paint on his face, and good use of all the freaking old footage they own, people will learn.

      Arguing that no one will know who he is is a ridiculous argument that applies to nearly everyone, you can’t just stick it on Sting.

    • Dunstan

      This doesn't necessarily matter either. Sure some of the current audience may not know who he is but they will get to know him over time like any other character. What matters here is that droves of Attitude era fans will tune in every week to catch a glimpse of Sting, and therefore increase viewership

  • Jamie

    If sting is going to face taker he’s gonna be have willing to lose, the undertaker won’t ever lose,and I can’t imagine sting to wwe just to lose

  • Bluetrooperair

    I have an idea…they could wrastle for the senior citizen championship at Royal Rumble!!!

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Sting has wrestled for wwe before.. Grant it though it was one match but he did…

    • Dave Barton

      When? Against who? Give us some details (and dear god, I hope you're not referring to Phantasio).

      • Bigdaddychuck

        The very last nitro against ric flair in march of 2001 I think.. Wcw was already sold to wwe so yes technically he did wrestle one match for them

  • Monty

    Sting is unwatchable now.

  • Ricky Valdez

    You do not no the busuines of wrestling if you think that sting is overrated.

  • Ricky Valdez

    The thing about sting is that he can still put up a great performance if he ever faced taker at WM, but it has to happen now, taker and sting are not getting any younger, but I think a match like that would be better suited for a

  • Kevin

    I'm pretty sure that doesn't count as a WWE match for Sting. The contract that gave WWE the rights to WCW and all its intellectual property probably didn't take effect until midnight that Monday night, so that very last Nitro, the one on which Shane McMahon appeared and announced that HE had bought WCW, was, in fact, the last show WCW ever did as a Ted Turner company.

  • Rambo Commander

    Wow if Sting is really up for it, why doesn’t the WWE make this happen? It will take away all the rumours about Taker not wanting to fight Mania due to less money etc as this match will anyways be the biggest seller, definitely bigger than cena vs Rock.