Sting Not Signed To Wrestle In WWE... But That's What He Wants

TMZ has an article online clarifying Sting's contract status with WWE and desire to wrestle The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31. He doesn't have a deal [with WWE] to wrestle but would welcome a dream match at the show in March 2015. You can read their article at this link.

There's nothing to see here folks, nothing that we haven't already written a dozen times. I did find it entertaining that Sting himself used a quote I used to describe him in a possible WWE dream match in Thursday's Ask WNW. It's now or never.

So since I made this post -- and told you nothing new -- the least I can do is give you a laugh:

Some of you will get this, others will not.

  • Brandon van Reenen


  • Nihao

    Daniel Bryan is Bryan Danielson… I lawled

    • Jason

      Really? I thought he looked fimilar

  • jason witten 82

    Good finish, i laughed

  • LFmnGamer

    sorry to blow your theory Richard, but even as far back as 1960 Elvis was quoted saying “it’s now or never”(and I doubt he was even the first person to say it) so I don’t really think he is quoting you.

    • I didn’t think Sting was quoting me any more than I think he’s going to NXT as Borden Stevens. Sometimes I can’t tell if people or joking or trolling.

      • LFmnGamer

        it’s the internet. I wasn’t intentionally trolling even if it came across that way. You never specifically said he used my quote, you said he used a quote I used. I was just giving you a hard time because eventually someone else would have.

        • You’re right. Someone else would have. But trust me, you don’t wanna be that guy.

          • LFmnGamer

            If i was that guy you would have been familiar with me already. It was just a one time thing. I’ll go back to what I was doing.

          • That Guy

            I feel threatened.

      • Venom

        No Richard! You pretty much implied that Sting/Borden Stevens is a regular visitor of and read the askWNW column and quoted you.

        (I’m not a troll)

      • Michael

        I think it might be Borden Stevenson

      • Mysterion

        In what way would the dude be trolling when, as has been said, you literally said “Sting used a phrase I used to describe…” That’s implying Sting directly quoted you. Also, why wouldn’t you “wanna be that guy”? I’ve seen, and sometimes been, trolls on this site and nothing gets done about it…

    • Austin

      I don’t think Richard was saying that this was his quote, more that Sting used the same quote as Richard for a possible dream match.

  • The Breaker

    That picture of Sting at the bottom of the article is hilarious. Borden Stevens is the future!

  • Bob’s Diner

    Borden Stevens is actually a cool name. Sounds like an 80’s glam rocker or something

    • Venom

      I think Borden Stephens might have more of an edge.

  • James

    I hope he does wrestle more then 1 person. Sting v Bryan would be a great match besides him and taker, if he even wrestles with WWE.

  • Scott Davies

    I personally believe that the only people who know what is going on with the signing of Sting. Is Sting & Vince. I think Sting has agreed to a deal, but only will sign in the day he débuts. That has happened before.