Sting Unlikely For Wrestlemania, The Shield's Turn, CM Punk Returning?, Raw's Show Stealer

While I understand it's very unlikely to happen, how would you feel if at the close of Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar at this year's Wrestlemania 30, the lights go out and when they come back on Sting is in the ring to build to Wrestlemania 31?

Many readers have called for a full year build between Undertaker and Sting for next year's Wrestlemania 31 show in Santa Clara, California, so your idea isn't as out there as you might think. I personally wouldn't be opposed to it nor would I react negatively to such a surprise. However, given the fact Sting is booked for WrestleCon in New Orleans on the day of Wrestlemania XXX, it makes it unlikely for him to appear on the WWE show. One would think if he had an active WWE contract, they would look to utilize him at one of their events. If they were looking to bring him in as a surprise, there is little probability they would sign off on a promoted appearance where a third party profits. Sting has said he only wants one more match, one against Undertaker, so if he gets a deal done with WWE, that's the match I would expect to see.

Has The Shield's babyface turn become one of the greatest and most subtle transitions of all time?

That's one way of looking at it but not how I see it. I see the booking of The Shield as obvious indecision about what to do with the faction. Vince McMahon wants to break them up, Triple H wants to keep them together. One can hope this is all part of an elaborate swerve that results in the elevation of at least one of the members but as we talked about Thursday, the push of Roman Reign was at least temporarily stopped.

Could you see CM Punk coming back to WWE at Wrestlemania 30 and costing Triple H his match against Daniel Bryan?

CM Punk returning to WWE at Wrestlemania 30 and costing Triple H a victory over Daniel Bryan would have the potential to generate the biggest pop of all time, however, I look at that as highly doubtful. Punk has seemingly moved on from WWE. I wish I could tell you more but he's distanced himself from the wrestling business. I'm on record as to saying it's unsettling that Punk is in the public eye again after walking out on his WWE contract but it is what it is. Punk has only increased his stock since he left but when Vince McMahon couldn't get him back for Raw in Chicago, he was officially eliminated from Wrestlemania plans.

Did Luke Harper steal the show this week on Raw?

Luke Harper had a great match against John Cena on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. He was the babyface in the match, which was certainly cause for concern with Cena supposed to be the protagonist in his Wrestlemania bout against Bray Wyatt. Prior to signing with WWE in 2012, Harper established a very good reputation on the American independent scene as Brodie Lee, where he also impressed in Japan. Monday was the first time the mainstream WWE fan base got to see what he can do on his own, which is something I felt was needed. Unlike The Shield, The Wyatt Family are Bray Wyatt thenHarper & Rowan, whereas The Shield are treated more as equals. Harper has had a lot of success on his own so it's good WWE got to see he's more than Bray's backup man.

From the Ask WNW vault…

July 2012: Is the way AJ Lee is being used the new way of pushing Divas in WWE? Helping to expand story lines rather than wrestling. - It’s funny because the last two Divas to get over, Eve Torres and AJ Lee, have done so assisting in main event angles and not by performing in the ring. I don’t know if it’s necessarily the “new way” as using female talent in top angles isn’t really anything new. AJ’s success certainly helps her standing in the company as I heard Vince McMahon was pushing for her to get a run with the Divas Championship down the road. AJ’s work has been fantastic and it’s great to see talented people get opportunities to shine on television.

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  • Venom

    Sting vs Undertsker is only cool from a visual perspective. But I don’t know why Stong really wants the one match with him. It’s not like they have a similar wrestling style. It’s not like if someone asked Bret Hart if he wanted one more match and he says Kurt Angle because they’re bit technical wrestlers. Its like Abyss vs a masked Kane. I know he resembles Mankind but if we’re staying current they’re cool visually but Kane isn’t really hardcore.

    I don’t get why people care about Punk coming back. He made his choice and we should respect him. I did support him walking cause he wasn’t happy with the direction of things and feel like its not worth taking a WM spot when he didn’t care for what was on the table and let someone else get a chance and we should respect him on that. By him coming back to help Bryan while it will get a pop at the end of the day Bryan needed help to win.

    • BigMarkLew

      Respect Punk lol? He is a baby throwing a temper tantrum. He wanted Triple H at WrestleMania but unfortunately for him he is upper mid card at best compared to Bryan. That’s exactly what happened. Bryan is better and more popular and he left WWE because we didn’t cheer as loud for him.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Hahahaha this guy – you don’t comment often, but everytime you do it is the most ignorant marky comments possible. I especially love the “He wanted Triple H at WrestleMania”, considering wrestling old big nose (and likely losing) was probably one of his reasons for leaving

        • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

          Why do you always make fun of people and can’t have an intelligent discussion because someone’s opinion is different than yours? It becomes rather tiresome

          • Bob’s Diner

            This person is not someone that posts for “intelligent discussion”. He never even responds to anythin. He just posts here once every month or so with some uninformed mark comment that makes him sound like a clown.

            I actually have a lot of real discussions with people on here. There are only a select few that I make fun of – chris/dean/matt/whatever he is calling himself this week is my main joke because he is troll and nothing more. Name someone else I make fun of???

          • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

            So what if he does? He’s not far off on his comments about Punk and Bryan.

      • Clint

        No he is a guy that got fed up with his job seeing people come back and instantly taking a main event spot from people that have stayed with the company, anyone would be frustrated, oh wait your one of those people that if someone came out of retirement and took the job you worked so hard for, you would gladly except it, well good for you and people like you, me though I wouldnt stand for it, I guess I would throw a tantrum also

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          It doesn’t matter, he walked out in the middle of a contract, it shouldn’t matter if you get frustrated or not, you sign a contract, you stay with it, it’s called be professional.

          CM Punk ended up respecting The Rock for coming back, he said he had beef with Batista, and I highly he would have anything to say about Hogan, also Lesnar.. If CM Punk didn’t like these guys he wouldn’t have a match with them.

          I wouldn’t throw a tantrum, I’d go out there and do my job and try and prove myself.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Uhhh no – he said he had NO beef with Batista. In fact, every interview he did he said he was happy Batista was back because he was back as a full-timer, not a part-timer. He just said this was “Daniel Bryan’s time”

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            That’s what I meant 😛

          • Bob’s Diner

            Ha sorry I was too quick 😉
            But as much as I’m not hating on CM Punk for leaving, people need to stop using the excuse of him leaving because of part-timers for the exact reasons you said. There was obviously something else going on backstage, whether it was losing to HHH or maybe having to join the ‘Kiss My A** club’… who knows what it was. He had his reasons, I guess, and we have to respect that. If you hate him, enjoy the not-so-subtle comments HHH is going to keep directing at him for however long he will keep doing it. If not, move on and stop asking for him to come back because it isn’t going to happen. He has too many NHL and UFC events to attend

          • Gary Robert

            Ya blame him? He’s got some great seats, haha!

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            I type to fast for my own good and sometimes miss type, people just need to realize that Punk walked out and he didn’t say why, still it will be nice to see him return.. and he would get an amazing pop.. but I don’t know if it will go down the same way backstage.

          • Snap

            Playing Devil’s Advocate here but, as Lance Storm said in a recent blog, we do not know what exactly caused Punk to walk, which leads into the thing about the contract. Now, before someone jumps in with a retort, let me just reiterate that NONE of us know the particulars of Punk’s contract so NONE of us can present opinions as facts nor dismiss said opinions. It is entirely possible that something behind the scenes in WWE breached terms present in Punk’s contract and thus was a factor in him walking out, in which case the “walking out in the middle of a contract” argument doesn’t hold much weight.

            If Punk is in breach of his contract by walking out, then he should of course deal with the consequences but, when you think about it, if Punk was entirely to blame it wouldn’t make sense for Vince McMahon to try and do whatever it takes to get Punk to return for the RAW in Chicago and, subsequently, WrestleMania. Think back to the 90s, when Warrior didn’t honour his dates, McMahon wasn’t shy about cutting him loose.

            So, no… we do not know for a fact that Punk is a “baby throwing a temper tantrum” or that he wanted Triple H at WrestleMania and couldn’t get what he wanted. Hell, wasn’t Punk offered a spot in the World Heavyweight championship match, what will likely be the main event of WrestleMania (one of Punk’s goals before he retired)? That incentive wasn’t enough to bring him back so we really DO NOT know what is going on with Punk. Finally, I don’t think Punk would walk out for something as banal as the fans not cheering him loud enough.

            As it is, despite some people who like to think they know what’s going on in Punk’s head, none of us know for certain what his motivations were or what the final straw was. You don’t have to like it, of course, but it’s not our place to put words in Punk’s mouth about a situation which none of us have all the facts on.

          • Gary Robert

            I’ve been saying that all along. Its all speculation. Even really on Richard’s part. It keeps being reported that Punk isn’t talking to anyone. Has anyone thought that he actually does keep in touch with some of his WWE pals and simply has asked them to be quiet about it? Every single thing that has come out of this situation is all assumption and we may never know the real truth of it all. The only truth we know is how he feels about a Triple HHH led WWE. The July 20011 “pipe bomb” was basically how he truly felt and he’s been on record in multiple interviews saying he doesn’t care for the business the way its run today, the lack of long term character direction etc etc

          • Danny_Boy

            No one is speculating anything, Punk walked out and the process walked out on his friends and fans. He hasn’t been on TV in 2 months,that’s all the proof that’s needed right there. Quit defending that selfish coward just because he’s your hero.

          • Snap

            We are ALL, and that includes you, speculating on the details, it’s such a simple concept that even you should be able to grasp it. The ONLY facts are that Punk walked out of WWE and, duh, OF COURSE he hasn’t been on TV since he walked out, that’s kinda what walking out is. It is, in no way, proof of any bit of speculation over what caused him to walk out or even whether or not Punk was being selfish in doing so.

            Provide irrefutable proof and maybe you’ll have a leg to stand on with the argument. Oh, and it’s not about defending CM Punk for walking out, it’s about passing off speculation and opinion as fact. I sure as hell don’t have any of the facts on what drove Punk to walk out or which party was truly in breach of contract, And neither do YOU.

          • Gary Robert

            I’m not defending anything. I simply do not know what happened. Nor do you and that’s what makes every ounce of opinion here simple speculation. That’s the only fact that is true about these discussions. I also find your reply to be hilariously silly as you’re calling someone a “coward” b/c they aren’t on TV wrestling for you anymore, lol.

          • Danny_Boy

            You Punk fans crack me up, the man could walk into a room full of kids and shoot them all and you guys would still break out your kneepads for the guy. Him walking out of his contract holds plenty of weight because that’s exactly what he did. Hence why he hasn’t been on TV in 2 months. Punk is a selfish prick and the proof is in the pudding.

          • Snap

            You trolls make me shake my head. Seriously. You just keep focusing on all the negative aspects of the people you don’t like that you never even consider that there might be something more going on which isn’t any of our business. Clearly you have forgotten how the actions of a certain individual which involved killing a child completely changed how people viewed him. To that, I have to invoke William Shatner and insist that you get a life.

            Yes, Punk walked out and I don’t see anybody disputing that fact. However, Punk not being on TV for the past two months appears to be… wait for it… PUNK’S decision, especially with everything we’ve heard about McMahon actively trying to get him to return. That doesn’t sound like somebody who had been blacklisted from the company for walking out, does it?

            Now, it’s the time for you to actually back up your words or, to quote Chris Jericho “shut the hell up.” Do you have a physical copy of Punk’s contract in your hands and do you have irrefutable proof of what was said behind closed doors between Punk and McMahon before he decided to walk out? Do you know, exactly, the full list of reasons which drove Punk to his decision to walk out? If so, provide that proof to back up your claims because, otherwise, you’re just like all of us who are in the dark and expressing a simple opinion.

            The only thing fans should be upset about Punk is that he didn’t appear on the RAW after the Rumble as he would have been advertised for or for house shows which fans bought tickets hoping to see him before he walked out. Other than that, Punk does not owe anything to any of us. Punk’s business is his own and whether he returns to WWE at some point will be entirely up to him.

          • Danny_Boy

            I like how Punk fans call anyone who doesn’t kiss his ass a troll. Unlike the mindless sheep who follow Punk I’m actually smart enough too see through all his BS

          • Bob’s Diner

            Pretty sure CM Punk could have left to feed orphans in a remote village of Africa and you would still be calling him a selfish horrible loser. It works both ways here

          • GOR

            Every employee under a normal contract has the right to leave on a certain period notice. Even I can leave my job on a month’s notice if I want. There’s nothing wrong with it. So ur explanation of being “Professional” is pointless & stupid.
            What is unprofessional is screwing things up intentionally, before u leave or leaking company secrets or talking trash about company after u leave. Don’t see punk has done that.
            Punk was fair to have a beef with Batista. look how rusty he is. He is no shape to be in main-event of even RAW. Whereas Punk is around the best. so if he was angry about his spot taken away then its obvious.

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            If you left and didn’t come back while under contract you would be disciplined.. you work what you signed for, then you leave. So being “professional” has everything to do with it.

        • Guest

          First of all, WE DONT KNOW. We all ASSUME on why he left…we dont know for sure…so I dont know why everybody is guessing why and saying it as FACT. SMH!

      • monty

        get your facts straight bro Punk was offered HHH but he walked out because Punk ns bigger than HHH. HHH was never the main guy he always had other superstars around him while Punk has that IT that very very people have

        • ClintMurphy

          that is true, hunter was a b+ player, he was good just not as good as he was portrayed

        • Jay El Bee

          Punk’s bigger than Triple H, since when. At his worst Triple H was still a bigger draw than Punk ever was.

    • Sting wants Taker because they were both huge at the same time during the Monday Night War, and they haven’t faced each other in a huge match like this. Taker and Sting are of only a handful of wrestlers who were huge during that time, and still working the ring. Both characters have a mysteriousness to them that’s virtually unmatched, and it’s something the fans have never seen. It has nothing to do with wrestling styles, and everything to do with doing something that’s never been done for the fans. I think it’s a fantastic idea, and the ones who win out on this are the fans.

      As for Punk, I understand him being terribly unhappy, but his position was no different from half of the roster wanting bigger matches at WM. I can understand Punk thinking he should be in the main event, but the wrestling industry is all ebb and flow. Cena is top dog on the roster, and he’s not in the main event at WM this year. It happens! What I don’t like is the unprofessional way Punk handled everything. Rather than talking things out, he lived up to his name, punked out and left.

      • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

        Dang it!!! Well said Kendra

      • Gary Robert

        See, here’s more assumption. You assume it was unprofessional but you have no idea what happened, nor do I. You can’t claim something you have zero knowledge of to be unprofessional. As for a “main event” at Mania. There is no more main event. There are main eventS. Multiple, plural with an “s.” You’re a part of this news website’s “staff.” You should understand better how to state what is fact and what is your opinion, even if its just conversation within the comments section.

      • GOR

        If u don’t like how things are being run at your workplace, u dont feel u will be appreciated, then u leave; unless u have a big loan/ family to worry about. Punk certenly doznt have any of that luggage, so he left. Its plain n simple. wat’s there to talk about ?
        Maybe they did talk & didn’t find a solution. wat would u kno ?

  • Xavier

    People need too let this Sting & CM Punk stuff rest once and for all. They will not be at Mania. Part of the problem with a lot of fans today is that they expect the WWE too things that WWE themselves has never advertised and when it doesn’t happen they get upset about it.

    Why is there cause of concern for Cena? Cena getting mixed reactions or getting booed out of arenas has been going on since early 2006 and that hasn’t hurt Cena in anyway really, just check his house show gates & merch sales. If anything the reaction he got on Monday was business as usual

    • Bob’s Diner

      Word. Word to ALL of this.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Cena is going to be in the WWE for a long time yet, probably going to be something serious before he quits.

    • Guest

      Mmm. Exactly!

      And as for Cena, like you said…business as usual. Nothing weird about it.

    • Gary Robert

      You’re right, but its still a cool idea to discuss and it was something I mentioned a while back…same concept. Undertaker wins, Sting gets lowered into the ring and does something to basically set up the match for next year. And of course fans expect thing that aren’t always advertised. Thats b/c many times unadvertised things happen and with the Internet always leaking certain items of information it can lead to speculation…and Vince likes surprises when possible. It would be a great moment.

      • Xavier

        Sting is 56 and Taker will be 51 by next year, that match would be a complete train wreck. And on too of that Sting is nowhere near the draw that people think he is. A huge portion of today’s fans have no idea who Sting is. Taker/Sting getting a year’s build wouldn’t draw anything close too what Cena/Rock did a couple years back. Give me Taker/Cena or Taker/Bryan over Taker/Sting everyday of the week. Sting/Taker should of happened 11 or 12 years ago.

        • Gary Robert

          I don’t disagree. I said its fun to talk about.

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          I still prefer to think of what Sting and ‘taker would be like over actually watching them.

  • James Larochelle

    With regards to the Shield, I think that while there was a plan in effect for them to break up, they reconsidered it when they saw how over the group was getting. The crowd was turning them face and wanted to cheer the team on so they’re giving the fans what they want: a chance to cheer for the Shield before they break up. And it’s not like they just dropped the breakup angle without notice. They had a segment in the ring to settle their differences so they could move on together. Roman Reigns’ rocket pack push may have been slowed down, but I think that’s a good thing. Give him some more time to grow in the ring. He’ll be better for it.

    • Padres4life

      but they’re not even giving him that…when was the last time he wrestled on TV?

  • Padres4life

    how could they think that Wyatt would be the heel in his feud with Cena?

  • BMGabe

    I like how you think. Just because Sting is booked for something that happens in the early morning/afternoon, that he couldn’t be able to show up at an event that goes on late into the evening.

  • James

    I may be the only one who thinks Sting v Undertaker at WM is a bad idea, at least it is a bad idea if Sting returns in his first match with the WWE. The streak needs to go to an up and comer to someone who has been around a bit like a Daniel Bryan. Cause then they can always say “I broke the streak.” And you can not let a legend like Sting lose on the “grandest stage of them all” in his first WWE match.