Sting Wants Match Against Undertaker; Flair Added To SummerSlam

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Sting Wants Undertaker

Sam Roberts interviewed Sting at Saturday's WWE 2K15 roster reveal in Los Angeles, California. Sting continued to express desire in one more match against The Undertaker. You can watch the interview at this link or embedded in the video below:

Ric Flair Added to SummerSlam

The expert panel at SummerSlam will be comprised of Renee Young hosting Booker T, Alex Riley and Ric Flair. They'll be on the Kickoff at 7:30 PM EDT on Sunday. We'll have the stream and complete coverage here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

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  • Jesse Sherwood

    They are looking for a disaster on the panel, aren’t they?

    • Xavier

      I wanna see a panel that includes Hogan, Flair & Bret Hart. Now that’s a disaster

      • Jesse Sherwood

        That would just be asking for fans to never tune in again… Not even I am that crazy.

        • Xavier

          Are you kidding me, America loves car wrecks lol. I’d order Summerslam for that panel alone lol, this pic sums what I’d be doing perfectly while watching Hogan, Hart & Flair poke their chess out at each other lol

  • Patrick Steele

    yeah, we wanted that match two years ago. Now I don’t want to see a broken down Taker face a half ass Sting.

  • Trapdoor

    Good luck to Renee Young, sitting next to/across from a leering Ric Flair. I feel a drinking game coming on*: 1 shot for each innuendo, 2 shots each time he looks over, simply to check her out, Flaming Sambuca each time he asks her out/drops a hint of going out together. I’ll have to pop back on here (in November) when I regain consciousness, to see how the main program went.

    *Drinking stupidly is not clever or fun & thinking it is, & drinking accordingly, could leave you looking like Ric Flair. You have been warned.