Sting Wishes Undertaker's Streak Wouldn't Have Ended, Never Said Never

WWE posted a dot com exclusive interview with Sting from the San Diego Comic-Con that was conducted on Thursday. You can watch it at this link or embedded in the video below:

The interview previews Sting's upcoming WWE action figure, his reaction to WCW being purchased by Vince McMahon and conversations with the WWE boss over the years. He admitted that he regrets Undertaker's streak ended at Wrestlemania XXX and wanted a match for the streak.

Sting wondered if he'll ever get a chance to step foot in a WWE ring.

  • Yorick Decoster

    Is it me or does being on any kind of WWE programming, TV even more so, take 10 to 15 years off your actual age? I get this feeling every time with Flair, got the same feeling now watching Sting…almost feels like he looks better in that little clips than he ever did in TNA…could just be me, though :p

    • Mysterion

      I see what you mean with Nash and RVD. Nash died his hair for WWE which he never did for TNA and RVD just looks more like he wants to be there. Sting has 90% of the time looked great and as for Flair… He’s looking every bit his age and the constant alcohol abuse won’t help. I understand the turmoil he’s had, not just in the last year, but during his career but, honestly, if he keeps going the way he goes we’ll be reading a rather sobering headline before we know it.

  • Xavier

    And we wish that Sting wouldn’t have wasted so much time over on TNA. He had years too make a match with Taker a reality and didn’t wanna follow through so Sting really has no right too be upset if the match never takes place honestly.

    • Tom Mayer

      Sting kind of comes across as a little spineless. I mean the fear of working for Vince is probably more evident given the past, but there is a reason for everyone always coming back.

      Whether he likes it or not, his legacy isn’t as iconic as he’d like it to be until he takes that stage that Vince offers.

      • supercilious1

        Yeah but at the end of the day WWE has always pursued Sting, not the other way around. They have made countless overtures to him. That’s something not even the biggest WWE fan can ignore.

  • supercilious1

    Sting said he “regrets” the streak ending. He didn’t say he’s “upset.” Those are two different things. At least he’s honest about it. I think Sting made the right choice waiting all this time before signing.