More On Sting's First WWE Appearance & What It Means For His Future

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WWE posted video footage of Sting's surprise appearance at the San Diego Comic Con on Thursday at this link. You can also watch embedded in the video below:

Michael Cole introduced Sting as one of the most iconic names in WCW history, making his first WWE appearance of any kind. Sting said that it was awesome to be there and his first WWE action figure was very special to him. Cole asked him if he ever thought this would happen and Sting said he thought it would happen but so much time had passed, he was starting to wonder.

As for what this means for Sting/WWE, nothing has changed. The two parties have already come to terms on a licensing and merchandise deal that will see WWE release a DVD/Blu-Ray set on him in September. They're already selling Sting t-shirts on dot com and obviously, Mattel is on board with an action figure. He's also pre-order DLC for the WWE 2K15 video game.

A separate deal will have to be worked out if Sting were to wrestle and obviously, he hasn't been shy that he wants a match against The Undertaker. That not only hinges on WWE's desire for Sting to compete at age 55 (he'll be 56 at Wrestlemania 31) but Undertaker's desire and health for such a match.

We posted photos from Sting's surprise appearance and WWE posted a backstage video that you can watch below:

  • Draven

    Have my dreams finally started coming true?

  • J Vomkrieg

    You know, Undertaker vs Sting might not blow the roof off with amazing spots and feat of athleticism. But the build, can you imagine the build these two could do? That alone would be worth watching. As fans, we could treat it as a benefit match, a farewell tribute to the two guys who best embody what professionalism means in wrestling.

    I think it could be a special moment, not a 5 star match, but somethign memorable.

    • H.M.

      Well it wouldn’t be a 5-star match, but it also certainly wouldn’t be no Hogan vs Andre levels of bad(wrestling wise). I think we’d get something historic in more ways than one.

    • Michael

      As a life long fan, I know this was always something I wanted to see. I remember when Nash and Hall showed up on Nitro, my friends and I thought it was going to be WWF VS WCW. Our dream match was Taker vs Sting.

      Both guys are past their prime but both can still go. Even if it isnt a 5 star match imagine the possibility of the promos and mind games. I plan on attending Mania 31 and I hope this is featured.

  • Mysterion

    Where’s Xavier!?

    • Xavier

      Xavier at your service

      • Mysterion

        Haha! Much love to this comment.

  • Avalanchian

    I just don’t see the Undertaker being able to wrestle. He’s beyond damaged.

  • Tom Lee

    Vince McMahon knows what is the best for HIS business …..