Stipulation Added To Championship Match At WWE Money In The Bank (Smackdown Spoiler)

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Vickie Guerrero announced during this week's Smackdown taping that AJ will be the special guest referee when CM Punk faces Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at WWE Money in the Bank.

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  • Rkoturner17

    Come on! Aj is great but this match does not need her! Cm punk and Brian need to just go one on one! Maybe summerslam, one on one submission match, no aj!

  • JakShowtime

    And so it comes full circle-ish… maybe.

  • Matt

    Ohhh! This is gonna be a good one. With the ROH originals, and the wack job as the ref! I am ordering MITB right now

  • Chris

    I would order Money in the bank right now but I'm not sold on the actual money in the bank match(At least the WWE championship one) as of right now. This should be a great match though as always when these two step into the squared circle!

  • H.M.

    It's apparent that this match will NOT be the blowoff match b/w Bryan/Punk, so I don't really mind. I'm actually excited for this to see where they'll go with AJ. I still see an Iron Man match coming at Summerslam as a blow off match. Only fitting considering whose involved.

  • havoc525

    I do like the addition of AJ, I agree with the ESPN article about her being a modern Liz. She may not be the biggest or the “best wrestler” but she is probably the most naturally beautiful. It’s coming off more Savage/Flair from WCW than Hogan/Savage from WWF though. As much as people complain about the “weak Divas division,” I would still take one Liz over 10 Trish/Moolah/Madusa/Beth/Kong’s any day. Liz was, and to a lot of us still is, wrestling royalty without having to work matches and win titles. I thought adding AJ was horrible, but her personality has made this angle even bigger and less predictible than ever before.

  • Robert olley

    Ultimate submission match could maybe top angle vs beniots

  • Dave

    Am I the only one really looking forward to the skimpy referee outfit AJ will be wearing?!

  • J-Dub

    AJ is gonna cost punk the belt and get back with D. B.

    • christopher525

      I actually wish it were a ladder match. She seems like she's playing them all and only out for herself, it would be funny to see how she stole the title for herself. I still think she'll be joining up with Punk, the new Savage and Liz.

  • Bault16


  • Kevin

    So first the WWE takes a perfectly matched pair (Punk and Bryan) who are BLOWING THE ROOF OFF and adds Kane for some unknown reason, and now they're adding AJ as a special guest referee. Sounds like Punk and Bryan were getting over a little TOO well, and now WWE brass is scared pantiless. They're trying to keep these 2 down so they don't get too powerful. It won't surprise me one bit to find that they take this AJ storyline in the direction of a trick by her and Bryan, and that all this time, his "breaking up" with her was their ploy to fool everyone while he tries to get a belt again.

  • #1 Awesome One

    NO! NO! NO!