Stipulation Added To WWE Title Match, What You Didn't See On Raw, Axxess Tickets

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- It was announced on this week's WWE Raw that if The Shield "interferes" during CM Punk's WWE title match against The Rock at Royal Rumble, Punk will be stripped of the title.

- After this week's WWE Raw went off the air, the mini-Royal Rumble resulted in Sheamus and John Cena left in the ring. A dark match main event then took place with Cena & Sheamus beating Big Show & Wade Barrett.

- A presale begins at 10 AM to obtain tickets to Wrestlemania 29 Fan Axxess at this link. Another password has been announced - ACCESS. Click here for more.

  • Even more happened after that dark main event. Big Show got on the mic and said he was double teamed and no one man could take him out. Alberto Del Rio’s music hits and he runs down and takes Big Show out quickly. No ref, no match, Just Del Rio owning Show. Show rolls out of the ring and crawls 1/4 up the ramp before just leaving. Del Rio celebrates with the San Jose crowd to chants of Si Si Si. Del Rio goes around the ring shaking hands and taking photos with the fans.