Stipulation For Brock Lesnar vs. HHH At WM29, Smackdown Main Event

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- Brock Lesnar will face Triple H in No Holds Barred Match with the stipulation that Hunter's career is on the line at Wrestlemania 29. The match is now official.

- This week's episode of Smackdown will be headlined by Chris Jericho vs. Jack Swagger

  • John

    Normally these matches are very predictable (Flair/HBK, Taker/HBK) however this one doesnt seem to be! I could see either outcome happening, however i still believe Lesnar should go over.

    • Cubed56

      Agree, lesnar has to go over if he’s suppose to look strong going forward for his next 2 years, ill think he will win but it will be dirty somehow, Heyman getting involved maybe.

  • 1molly23

    Love that sledgehammer!

  • Streamz

    The whole concept of the no holds barred match is farcical. The phrase ‘no holds barred’ insinuates that any kind of submission hold normally outlawed (e.g. a choke hold) is permitted. Swinging a sledgehammer or a steel chair is not a ‘hold’, yet somehow allowed.

    These matches immediately lose any sort of appeal to me because ‘no holds barred’, ‘no disqualification’, ‘falls count anywhere’, ‘hardcore’, ‘extreme rules’ and ‘street fight’ are all pretty much interchangeable terms. Wait, sorry, I forgot that a ‘street fight’ has the huge distinction of the competitors wearing their street clothes, not ring gear.

    On a side note, I’m surprised WWE showed that Tout where the fan suggested a ‘first blood’ match, given WWE’s blood policy. Though a ‘first blood’ match would be infinitely more interesting. That ‘3 stages of hell’ suggestion was also great, I’d love to see that the most. But really, I’d even settle for a basic steel cage match or even a ‘sledgehammer on a pole’ match over a no holds barred match.