Stipulation Set For Triple H vs. The Undertaker At Wrestlemania XXIVIII; Smackdown Main Event

- Triple H will face The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania XXVIII on April 1, 2012.

- In other, much smaller news, WWE Champion CM Punk will face World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan on this week's live Smackdown.

  • Dustyn

    Sounds good to me!

  • Johnny

    did they play the wrong theme when taker was leaving???

    • Jeremy

      It most likely wasn’t. I believe they played that song during one of Undertaker’s promos in the beginning of the night and is the “song of the feud”, like Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave” last year.

    • Burr

      No…it’s “memory remains” by metallica…hhh and taker are both fans of the band, it was also playing while taker was walking backstage before commercial. I believe trip h entered his mania match last year to another one of metallica’s songs. Wwe prolly licensed it to promote the match…

  • Bault16

    Best wrestlemania ever!

  • Stoney

    Cena Vs Rock, Y2J vs Punk, Sheamus Vs D-Bry (hopefully), and Trips Vs Taker (HIAC). Seems like it will be the best wrestlemania in years

    • MonsterMike42

      Hopefully we will add Beth Phoenix vs. Kharma to that list

  • kevin

    No the memory remains its haunting the undertaker. It’s the taker/triple h song

  • Dustyn

    If and when Undertakers streak will be stopped, I don't think that it would happen unless it is the last match of the night, and after a year long build for Rock/Cena, they are going to have the last match. Plus HHH wouldn't end the streak IMO.

  • Abe

    Everyone seems happy about a hell in a cell, I think its a bad idea, eh to each his own, still not gonna stop me from actually getting this ppv

    • Razmos01

      I think the cell is a perfwct match, both have had the most hell in a cell matches if not the best cell matches against mick foley, im hopin this will be as good, maybe the whole pg thing might hold it back

    • Jocko316

      Too bad for you, I am going!!!!

  • That crowd almost ruined it. They kept picking up hecklers saying "Taker sucks" and the whole "WHAT?!" chant during portions of it.

    I was annoyed by a third match between these two at WM but that promo sold it and the end of it did as well. It's sad that this "year long build up" of sorts is vastly more interesting than Cena/Rock's year long build up.

    • H.M.

      They actually chanted 'Taker sucks?' wow what a terrible crowd.

    • Dave

      I'm not sure what type of jollies were they getting from yelling all that during Taker's promo, pure right disrespectful tbh.

  • An0n

    at least its a good match gimmick

  • John

    If Wrestlemania 28 is to be held in an outdoor arena, where is the hell in a cell going to go? Surely it will have to open the show?

    • Jeremy

      You’re definately not the only one who has thought about this.

    • Dustyn

      Since the show is being held outdoors, there is most likely going to be a "tent" over the ring like WM 24 and 26. They hung lighting, audio, video and pyro equipment from the "tent", so I'm thinking that they will have the cell hanging above the ring.

    • /jeff

      They probably gonna build a big tarp over the ring (like they did for WM XXIV) to hold the cell.

    • Dustyn

      That match would NEVER open the show!

    • Bault16

      Your right! They probably forgot it was outside and never thought about how’d they do this.

  • Mike L

    Looks like Cena/Rock just got moved to number two. The Undertaker Vs. Triple H III, I hope they end it the way Frazier Vs. Ali III should have ended, in a draw. Because this is someones (maybe both of their)s last match, and it would suck if either of them were to go out on their back. But a draw would be perfect, and yes it should go on last.

  • Sander

    I hope this 2 gentlemen put some color in this HiaC

  • al

    They wont use cell

  • al

    Technical match with cell blocking view

  • al

    Hell in a cell gonna hurt it cause pg

  • al

    I guess taker cant wrestle anymore using cell to make it a slop fest

  • al

    So dont expect much last years will be the better one

  • al

    PG just gonna block view

  • craig

    If you appreciate the history of these two like i do you would love the fact that this match is in hell in a cell.

  • sunny

    I am a huge undertaker fan and think this sucks we don’t care if it hell in a cell this year should of been undertaker vs kane or foley.


    I would love to see the match against Undertaker and HHH,one of the best WrestleManias there ever will be probably.
    Last night it was so horrible because the crowd cheered Taker Sucks!and they don't even watch the dam promo.Anyway this WrestleMania I 've got to order,CENA VS ROCK[AWESOME]Y2J VS CM PUNK[AWESOME]AND TAKER VS HHH AT WRESTLEMAINA I've got to be dreaming.

  • khalkaroth

    If they are doing this in a HIAC then I fear its because the streak ends and they fear the fans will throw some objects on the ring in protest.