Stone Cold Steve Austin Addresses His Problem With Today's WWE Product

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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin recently did an interview with Monday Night Mayhem and discussed his issues with the current crop of talent's promo skills. He said that the first thing he would change in today's WWE would be to stop scripting promos and blamed the lack of territory systems for the lack of promo skills in today's WWE. He also touched on the creative team, and gave advice as to which kinds of stories should be told in wrestling. The interview is embedded in the video below:


  • Patrick_Peralta

    I agree with what Austin said. about Promos.

  • abey34

    Why is this being posted now? This is over a year old.

    • ty21

      @ abey34 lol that's funny

  • Mike

    I could have sworn this was posted on WNW before?

  • Alex

    Austin's got a good point.

  • H.M.

    Austin is spot on and captures what I think almost entirely. But you can't expect all wrestlers to be natural speakers from the heart. Guys like Punk and Austin are few and far between where they speak their mind/extend their real life persona. You never know though.