"Stone Cold" Steve Austin Responds To CM Punk's Raw Promo; Fozzy Releases Video For Hell In A Cell Theme Song

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin took to Twitter to respond to CM Punk's promo from last night's Raw:

-Fozzy has released the official video for "Sandpaper," one of the theme songs for this year's WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Click here to watch the video.

  • mjledesma

    Seeds have been planted

  • RyDawwg

    and the seed has been planted for mania

  • H.M.

    If this feud happens and they have a set match at Mania I'll mark out like a tween girl.

  • jdl

    Wow, uh, that is on remarkably low budget music video, the VFX are right out of the late 1980s. Which begs the question… why is Jericho convinced he's reaching wrestling level success with Fozzy?

  • johnnydangerously

    Hmmmm laying the groundwork fr something bigger and better stone cold?

  • Ken

    See, not even the great Stone Cold Steve Austin is interested in the product enough to watch it live. Heh heh…

  • Adamtrace

    Oooooooo SCSA v Punk mania sounds good!

  • Fart Handler

    And Punk/Austin at WM starts to come together.

  • Shawn Murphy

    Classic Stone Cold.

  • H Moore

    I’m a big stone cold fan and love texas……. just kick there */&%#@ ass…. heeeeell yaaaa….god bless texas

  • Moose666

    Testing the water for SCSA v. Punk @ Wrestlemania?

  • Lloyd clarke

    Still teasing the punk-austin feud…….

  • Ego Trip

    SCSA wasn't watching Raw……….I am shocked. You mean to tell me that the NFL was able to put on a better program than the WWE.

  • Nick b

    Wresltemania is lookin less like a dream and more like reality!

  • Jon Jones

    Please let there be a Punk v. Austin in the near future!

  • GagMeMore

    Let me get this straight, cm punk is ready to whip stone colds ass, but he’s afraid of ryback, please help me understand, breaking news he can’t get a-train up!!!

    • MonsterMike42

      I think Tensai dead-assed him on RAW. Ryback was able to get him up on Smackdown. Plus, for the last few months, Ryback has been getting two guys up with no problem. Their collective weight should easily be around 300 pounds.

  • Patrick_OToole

    FYI – I don't like the new main page layout where you can't preview the article from the main page. I liked being able to see some snipets of info and then click on the link if I wanted to read more into it. Thanks.

  • izblack

    It’s looking like it’s gonna be Cena/Rock II, Taker/Lesnar, Austin/Punk, Shaq/Big Show & Mysterio/Cara at WM29

  • Jim

    Didn’t it start a couple of weeks ago when he said something along the lines of “I’ll beat that red neck you made pass out at wrestlemania” to Bret hart

  • Eric

    me to dam

  • Ricky Valdez

    I would rather see the rattlesnake vs the viper at wrestlemania, the legend killer vs the legend. Make it happen.

  • Goo Goo Bean

    SCSA admited he was watching WWE's competition instead?!! Vince gonna stew over this?!!!

  • Bill

    I saw a can of [email protected]$$ and said cm pinks name on it

  • bruno

    Punk isnt big enough to face austin. We want austin vs orton

  • Kevin

    I'm a HUGE Taker fan, but I've gotta admit: if SCSA v. Punk develops for Mania next year, I'm IN!