Story Behind Royal Rumble, Sin Cara A Free Agent & Plans To Fight WWE, Curt Hawkins

- Dot com has an article looking at the story behind the Royal Rumble match. Featured in the piece is comments by Pat Patterson, Jim Duggan, Jake Roberts, Tito Santana, Harley Race, Bret Hart and Hillbilly Jim. Click here to read it.

- Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, the original Sin Cara and former Mistico, is officially a free agent. He appeared on a Mexican Lucha Libre show on Thursday where he claimed that he owns the rights to the Sin Cara character and he's going to fight WWE for it. You can watch the appearance in Spanish at this link. He will have quite the fight on his hands as WWE is moving forward with Hunico as Sin Cara and have plenty of money and power to fight him.

- According to a Retweet of Curt Hawkins on Twitter, he's part of a pro wrestling academy out of Long Island, New York.

  • Simon Veitch

    Well best of luck to the original Sin Cara, he’s surely going to need it. Somehow I have serious doubts that he in any way owns “Sin Cara” since WWE has a long running history of owning their “Characters” so that performers can’t just move to another promotion as that character.

    • Stephen

      To add on what you have already said, WWE had plans to make him a huge star. There is no way they wouldn’t trademark the name. That’s how they make their money and save their asses at the same time.

      • Simon Veitch

        Exactly right, if he does try to fight WWE it’ll be hilarious

  • Christen

    Oh Luis you are going to lose that fight WWE came up with the Sin Cara character not you. All you did was botch and get injured a lot. Hunico makes a better Sin Cara then you i believe WWE trademarked Sin Cara so you can’t have it.

  • Venom

    I feel like the poor guy gets a lot of slack. He was pretty much running in a crossfire. Triple H was just promoted him and wanted to make a big signing so he obviously never got a developmental contract and went straight to the main roster. Unlike someone like Del Rio who got to learn the WWE way and while people see him as lazy he’s doing what management wants. Watch original Sin Caras matches as Mistico. He’s amazing.

    I think one of the issues has 2 things I think he can fight.

    1. He owns a gym named Sin Cara Gym. So unless he’s an idiot why would he name it that with the sin cara logo? He was probably under the impression at least that he owns that name.

    2. He’s in Mexico so maybe because it’s not in the USA that WWE can’t do anything about it.

    I also think maybe he can’t fight wwe about it but they also can’t do the same? Maybe this is why the Sin Cara/Hunico push got derailed.