Strange Brad Maddox Video, AJ Lee Pregnancy Rumor & New Photo w/Punk, Randy Orton's Pipe

Strange Brad Maddox Video

A strange video of Brad Maddox in a cave is circulating the Internet. I have no idea if this is part of some sort of angle if he really needed help. The video was published on Tuesday. You can watch it at this link or embedded below:

AJ Lee/Punk Update

A photo of AJ Lee and CM Punk jogging in Hawaii has surfaced online as you can check it out below:

To follow-up on my curious Ask WNW reader that wondered if AJ was pregnant, I'm told no one in WWE believes that she is. I am working on a big Divas update and will have it online shortly.

Randy Orton's Pipe

Remember the Randy Orton "vacation" photo that was shown on Raw a few weeks ago? Wrestling News World reader Jorge Romero pointed out the pipe below Orton in the pic:

  • ZDF

    It looks like one of those vapor e-cig pipes, not an herbage pipe.

    • David F

      Either way Orton should have gotten rid of it while taking the pic. Pretty careless considering he has two strikes

      • Dorie Ann Pope

        The pipe under Randy is one of the vapor e-cigs. I smoke and am trying to switch to e-cigs so I know what they look like. As for him “getting rid” of it for the picture because of two strikes? Um what? Cigarettes and e-cigs are not against the wellness policy….you would be surprised how many smoke.

  • Garbsxc

    So, Maddox has reception enough to upload to YouTube, but not to call for help himself?

    • Dorie Ann Pope

      Yeah I was wondering that too. I guess some one could have uploaded it for him but it just really makes no sense. I hope it really is just some kind of angle.

    • Gary Robert


    • opie

      Wouldn’t do any good if he didn’t speak Spanish.

      • Garbsxc

        There are people in Mexico that speak English, especially in the emergency services.

  • marc

    not truing to be rude but punk looks more pregnant then aj does

    • BIG M

      He’s still probably in better shape than most of us here but your right he looks a little more bloated.

  • BIG M

    That photo of Punk and AJ honestly looks pretty fake to me.
    Why do you ask their heads seem way to rigid.

    • Vic Jose

      It you say so

    • Gary Robert

      Their heads seem way too rigid on their own bodies?

      • BIG M

        Yeah that’s what I meant.
        Bloody spell check.

  • King James

    That Maddox video looks like he legit needs help. He’s too distraught. Looks scared for his life. I hope somebody called for help just in case. If this is part of a storyline, than he’s a hell of an actor.