Submit Questions For Exclusive Nigel McGuinness Interview

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Staff writer Eltimir Alexandrov will be conducting an exclusive in-person interview with Nigel McGuinness (a/k/a Desmond Wolfe) in the United Kingdom on Wednesday. As part of the feature, he's giving you, the reader, an opportunity to have your question(s) answered! I

f you have a question for Nigel McGuinness that you would like for him to answer, please post it in the comments area below.

  • if you could face any wrestler past or present and from any of the major companies who would it be and why??

  • Mitchell

    What your favourite time in your carrier? Thank you

  • Nigel McGuinness (a/k/a Desmond Wolfe) HI WHY DID TNA RLESAESE YOU

  • tom

    what happened when your rumored WWE developmental contract fell through