Submit Questions For Upcoming Vince Russo Interview

I have just received confirmation earlier tonight that I will be able to interview one of the most controversial member of the wrestling industry, Vince Russo! The former WWE, TNA, and WCW creative writer will be talking with me tomorrow! That is where all of you come in! Write questions in the comments section on what you want me to ask him!

For those who have been following Vince Russo lately, click here for the latest information, he and TNA Wrestling parted ways at the end of July after working as a consultant for the company for 9 months. Vince Russo is now putting all of his resources in his website PyroAndBallyhoo.com where it covers a wide variety of topics from pop culture to wrestling!

Make sure you submit your questions for me to ask him fast and early! Write them below!

  • Alex

    Why is he obsessed with items on pole matches?

    • Chris

      Nailed it. I mean honestly, Judy Bagwell on a pole?

  • Bob’s Diner

    Dear Vince Russo
    Why do you lie all the time? Do you even know how to be honest?

  • BorkLaserFan

    On Twitter, Wendys proposed a “Baconator on a pole match” between yourself and one Jim Cornette. Perhaps with Scott Steiner as guest referee, much to the delight of the internet wrestling fans.
    If you were given creative control, how would you* book that match/program?
    Would you do a job to Cornette to bury the hatchet?

    2 Serious ones:
    – What are your thoughts on Brock Lesnar’s current run in WWE as a “super-heel” champion?
    – I’m of the opinion that roman reigns has the rocket pack for the push, dean ambrose seems to be getting the best crowd connection. Creatively, how do storywriters react/adjust to situations like this behind the scenes?

  • Bashy bashy

    Was Bash at the Beach 2000 Hogan incident a work shoot for ratings?

    How was it working for Vince McMahon and Bischoff? How much creative control did they give you?

    What are your future plans?

    How was it working in TNA?

    What are your current thoughts of the mainstream wrestling product?

    What would you improve or remove from storylines from WWE or TNA at the moment?

    Who do you see potential as the next mega star from either WWE or TNA?

    Thank you Mr. Russo for your time.

  • Mark M

    I know he points to the ratings when he was in charge at WCW, but what about PPV buyrates when he was in charge which dropped by 50% by the time New Blood Rising aired in August 2000 from Oct 1999.

  • ron

    Why was his relationship with TNA kept a secret? And whose idea was it to make it that way?

  • ron

    How does he see the conflict between HHH and VM playing out having worked with both of them? Does he think it is a real problem that will continue long term or is it being portayed to us marks as shoot for fan interest?

  • The Real TNA Chris

    Does he still have a good relationship with Jeff Jarrett?

    Who does he think is the most underrated wrestler today and who is the most overrated?

    If he was in charge of tna, who would he put the belt on?

    If he was in charge of wwe, who would he put the belt on?

    Who does he think the most

  • admiral andy

    Who was the best talent you witnessed get screwed over because of backstage politics?

    If you had full control of GFW, who would be the first 5 available wrestlers you would contact?

  • BigMike

    You’ve always been a lightning rod in the wrestling world (for the popular and not-so-popular creative decisions you’ve made over the years). What was your biggest creative mistep? What is your biggest regret in the wrestling business? And they don’t have to be the same.

  • BigMike

    Over the years, what wrestler was the biggest prima-donna? The hardest to work with? And conversely, who was the easiest to work with?

    Was it related to “seeing your vision”? The hardest just couldn’t see it, while the easiest could.

  • BigMike

    What is your fondest memory of wrestling as a child? What got you passionate for the business?

  • BigMike

    If you had FULL control of TNA, what would you do to improve the product? How would you make it a viable (albeit 2nd place) wrestling promotion?

  • devanshkotak

    which WWE story line or idea of yours would you change if you had the final say in it even over McMahon?

  • While I understand that everyone has religious preferences, beliefs and ideals, is a wrestling book really the right spot to preach your personal beliefs at the fans who bought your book to learn more about you and the industry?

    • Dave Barton

      I agree with you completely, Kendra. I felt the same way after reading Ted DiBiase’s autobiography…I didn’t mind so much that he wanted to tell his personal story of how he felt he redeemed himself, I just felt like there was so much more about his career that he could’ve told.

    • ron

      Are you interviewing him for wrestling fans or debating personal beliefs. Don’t think the interview would be barely productive if you attack his personal beliefs?? I assume Richard is doing the interview. Or maybe use this as a last question if you want to fight him out the door and make it sound like a Shoot.

  • Zain Pri$e

    If he could create a match what would it be?

  • skyman101

    How long does it take to write a script?