Summer Rae Comments On Total Divas, Problems With Rumble Webcast

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Summer Rae on Total Divas

Summer Rae confirmed on Twitter that she will be a Total Divas cast member on Season 2:

We broke the news just before Royal Rumble here on

Problems with Royal Rumble Webcast

We've heard from several readers that had problems with the official Royal Rumble Webcast on, rendering parts of the show "unwatchable." Apparently some were given refunds but continued lagging issues is the reason why I stopped ordering the Webcast. This is an issue WWE must be 100% sure they do not experience with the upcoming WWE Network.

  • I learned my lesson from ordering PPV online from last years WrestleMania. I had 15 people over and Bam! Streaming issues the whole damn night. Only watched the first 5 minutes. Thank God I got a refund.

  • David F.

    Is there link where I can get a refund. I had problems with online streaming too.