SummerSlam Buyrate A Major Success For WWE But Also For Brock Lesnar - Details On Lesnar's Future In The Company And How The Number Will Cause Vince McMahon To Reevaluate Things, The Next Big Dream Match At Wrestlemania, Another Contract, More

As I reported earlier here on, the buyrate for SummerSlam was up big and beat expectations by more than 34% in North American buys. While international numbers didn't go up as much the show was seen as a huge success and Brock Lesnar's drawing power has come to the forefront.

One source said "this was the Brock show and he delivered… and then some." The 34% was based on the company's own inflated projection. I'm told it is huge for Lesnar and his supporters and Vince McMahon is going to have to reevaluate how to use  him. My source says more eyes are going to be opened now more than ever to "go for the huge kill shot" for Brock vs. The Rock at Wrestlemania XXIX next year.

It's likely WWE will try and re-sign Lesnar,  albeit at a lower rate, but Brock just proved he can draw even after being put under to John Cena in one of the worst creative calls in the company's history.

  • mjledesma

    WWE presents Wrestlemania staring BROCK LESNAR!

  • Patrick Peralta

    "t’s likely WWE will try and re-sign Lesnar, albeit at a lower rate, but Brock just proved he can draw even after being put under to John Cena in one of the worst creative calls in the company’s history."

    bad choise or not unlike the fans Lesner obviously doesn't care if he goes over or not in the matches all he cares about is the money… so doesn't matter to him if Cena went over or not. everyone is forgetting that little bit if Lesner is not worried about it or WWE why should the fans. everyone makes such a big issue out of it and the person "Lesner" doesn't care about that. if he did he would have made a issue out of it when it happen.

  • Kleck

    Rock vs Brock opens Cena vs Taker

    Punk vs Austin

  • Jitters84

    Richard do you really want to see 2 part time guys headline WM?… I’d love to see a Daniel Brian/ cm punk iron man.. Itd be a true wrestling fans dream..

    • dektcmpunx

      How about Brock vs rock(after Brock cost rock title at rumble) punk(heel champ)vs Bryan (baby face rumble winner) and census vs taker(streak,its already been teased)……I don’t think Austin’s gonna wrestle any time soon, and what a moment it would be if a babyface Daniel Bryan finally de-thrones super heel cm punk in front of a raucaus new York/Jersey crowd….stadium full of yes!yes!yes!

    • dektcmpunx

      And I’m only saying punk vs Bryan because of where mania is this year

  • partyjereme

    I still don't know how you can say having Lesnar lose to Cena was a bad creative call, there was no way the face of the WWE was losing to 2 part-time wrestlers at 2 straight PPV's.

  • thebops

    I didn’t buy SummerSlam to see Lesnar. I wasn’t even that interested in the Lesnar match… I wonder if WWE surveyed buyers to see why they bought? It may be true that Leanar had a lot to do with it, but it may also be a coincidence.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    We all know everyone bought summer slam to see Bryan vs Kane

  • _JIM_

    WWE doesn't have a lot of footing when it comes to getting Lesnar to take a pay-cut on a new contract extension. Especially after these new buy rate figures are out there for everybody to see. I was surprised to see that the numbers differed that much from this year to the last. Lesnar is definitely holding all of the cards, at this point, when it comes to any sort of contract negotiation. This would be the best time for him to sign. While his value is still so high. But he could make them sweat it out until his dates are almost used up. Especially if he's confident that he will draw similar numbers during these remaining dates.