SummerSlam Buys, Future Of WWE SMS, Bryan The Face Of WWE, Curtis Axel Not Hennig

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I personally feel that SummerSlam is getting its best build in years. Last year the show did 358,000 buys, would it be out of the question to expect 400,000 this year?

WWE will "swing for the fences" with SummerSlam this year and are certainly hopeful they can reach the 400,000 buys threshold. There are similarities between SummerSlam 2012 and SummerSlam 2013 as the show last year featured CM Punk vs. John Cena & Big Show for the WWE title and Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H in the main event. This year, it's John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE title and Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk in the main event. Can Punk outdraw Hunter? We'll see but I'm enjoying the program also involving Paul Heyman.

What happened to WWE Saturday Morning Slam?

Season 1 of WWE Saturday Morning Slam concluded in May 2013. We reported here on, citing a statement from WWE, the plan all along was for season 1 of the show to air from August 2012 to May 2013. Mick Foley noted on Twitter the show will return for season 2 and WWE will begin taping in the next several weeks. Foley is planned to return as the show's General Manager.

After watching Daniel Bryan over the last several weeks I'm convinced he's on an entire different level. I'm convinced he can realistically challenge John Cena for WWE's top spot. What are your thoughts?

Daniel Bryan is a star but this is nothing new to many of us in the IWC. Many (including me) have been saying Bryan could be a main eventer in WWE for the last decade. Vince McMahon continuously pushed back on the notion but after all these years, he's changed his mind. Daniel Bryan is not only proving to be the best worker in the world (surpassing my #1 ranking of Kurt Angle) but he's showing to be the best worker of a generation. Did you hear the audience at WWE Raw this week? Bryan is as over as anyone in the company and he absolutely has a realistic shot at surpassing John Cena as "the guy." Daniel Bryan is a "LeBron James type talent" and is finally getting to prove what so many have known all along.

Since WWE acknowledges the fact that Curtis Axel is the son of "Mr. Perfect" Cut Hennig, why doesn't WWE push him under the Hennig name?

Pushing Curtis Axel as Curtis Axel rather than Joe Hennig is win-win. Not only does it pay homage to his father (Curt) and grandfather (Larry the Axe) but it gives him the opportunity to define his own career. Using the Hennig name puts unrealistic expectations on Joe, not that he doesn't have a chance to "live up" but it's enough pressure already to follow in the footsteps of his family. The Michael McGillicutty name was ridiculous and I'm glad to see the change.

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  • Joe Dee

    Daniel Bryan is LeBron James-like? The face of the company? Richard, are you high? Take the IWC bias out for a minute. He’s VERY entertaining. But he’s not going to ever come close to Cena, Austin, Rock, Hart, or Hogan’s marketing prowess. I can’t believe you likened him to those guys as the new “face.”

    • Go back to last night. Watch his segments on WWE Raw. In fact, click here Are you not entertained?

      • Xavier

        I’d take Bryan over Angle everyday of the week bro. He’s bee more consistent for a longer period then Angle ever was.

    • Nick K

      Why is there a group of people that take their dislike of Daniel Bryan to delusional levels on this site?

    • Justin Lal

      I have to agree with this. Take a look at this picture:

      Cena’s toys were sold out. Daniel Bryan can be a complementary worker for the company just like Eddie and Benoit were. But face of the WWE? Not gonna happen.

      • f_caus

        You went out of your way to prove your point that you took a photo of WWE action figures at a retail store?…

        • Justin Lal

          I happened to be there. Why not take a photo of this? People are claiming Bryan can be the top guy for the WWE after all…

          • jdl

            So, basically what you’re saying is that a product aimed at six year old kids determines whether or not a worker, as a whole, can function at the top of the company that is aimed at an extremely broad market? I don’t know if that’s pathetic or sad.

          • David

            Yeah I was thinking the same thing, all he proved is that little kids like John Cena better.

          • Scottyo614

            And if they provided more Daniel Bryan action figures than Cena action figures your picture proves nothing. Gotta have a starting inventory to see what sold where, not just whats on the shelf

          • Elizabeth

            Actually the Aciton Figure companies intentionally send fewer John Cena’s than anything else. My niece works at a Toys R Us and says they get shipments with 1 or 2 John Cenas and like 15 or 20 Daniel Bryan’s. Its how they keep the demand around the John Cena toys. So in all reality you absolutely wasted your time taking a picture to prove a point with false evidence. Great Job though

          • f_caus

            Yes, your one photo of a bunch of toys in some podunk retail store validates all your assertions. Try better next time, kid.

        • Danny_Boy

          Haters like you are gonna hate

          • f_caus


      • FrankTheTank

        Plus there’s only one Macho Man toy left. He also moves more merch than Bryan. And since I base popularity on how many toys the local walmart sells I think vinnie mac should just kill Bryans push now

        • K!NG

          i think bryan and ryback are on the same level when it comes to mic skills one only can chant yes or no the other can only say ryback rules or feed me more

    • Xavier

      Agreed. I don’t think he’ll ever come close to reaching those heights of popularity, however Bryan is a superior wrestler to those guys though (Hart maybe being the exception)

      • steve pritchard

        I’m not sure if he will reach that popularity or not . But when it comes to this company never say never . I learned my lesson last week . When I said he would never face cena at summerslam ! Boy did I end up eating my words . However your probably right.

    • Have to wait and see, Bret Hart was never a major drawing power by the way, except maybe in Canada

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    If Joe Hennig didn’t get to keep his name so he could “define his own career” how do you explain guys like Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes who have their fathers last name. I know Dusty’s last name is Runnels but he made a name for himself with Rhodes. I just see this as a way of Vince to capitalize on this guy’s likeness should he one day leave the company. Now that there’s a number two company out there (TNA) it’s easier for guys who were in WWE to have more success. It’s just a business move on Vince’s part and nothing else.

    • Big D

      Orton and Rhodes came in the business about 30 years after their fathers’ prime, whereas Axel is doing so about 10 years sooner. Curt is a lot fresher in the minds of the fans than Cowboy Bob and Dusty were when Randy and Cody came in.

  • K!NG

    the IWC shoves DB down our throats like the wwe does Cena… while Bryan is the best in the ring right now he is going to be no diffrent then guys like Guerrero Benoit and HBK who are all the best in the ring but are not that marketable to people who are not WWE fans and that is what wwe is looking for in the face of their company guys who can translate. not doubting DB but i do not see him taking cena spot and im a daniel bryan fan but i have to look at this for what it really is with-out getting caught up in the moment

  • fat tony

    Did we hear the same thing about cm punk two years ago and nothing has change john cena is still the top guy in the wwe. As big of a reaction bryan gets on raw, anytime i read house show result the reports are always cena getting the biggest reaction. Daniel bryan might be the number two guy, but until he draw more viewers or sell More merchandise than cena no one is taking his spot. And if cm punk couldnt do it what make you think daniel bryan can?

    • steve pritchard

      I think it depends on who you prefer. Of course on paper cena is the number1 guy. However with the mixed reaction he gets everywhere he goes , he may not be number1 to some fans . Personally I have no problem with him , he’s not my favorite but I don’t hate him . So he’s not my number 1 . Right now db is the hottest thing going right now . At some point you just have take it for what it is. My favorite is punk , and your fav is cena then he’s your number 1 guy simple as that .

  • James

    Water Based Lubricant Friend or Foe?

  • John

    I believe the “Curtis” part of Axel’s name comes from the fact that it is his actual real middle name.. I don’t think it has anything to do with his father.

  • Jimmy

    If WWE is waiting for “the guy that attracts non-wrestling viewers” and the guy “that will do all types of media” to be the next Face of the Company, then they will be waiting a long time because The Miz needs to improve his in ring ability.

    • monty

      i think its gonna be DB just wait and see, he is the best wrestler and best entertainer in the wwe today, and with hi in the main event picture and in summer his popularity will only grow outside the wrestling fan

  • Jay El Bee

    Bryan might be over with the live crowd or at least his Yes chant is, but he is nowhere near as popular as it seems like he is on TV. The quarter hours segments he’s involved in are usually some of the least watched parts of Raw every week, and sometimes lose hundreds of thousands of viewers.

  • monty

    it wasn’t that long ago wwe let DB go because they thought he didn’t have the IT to be a star in this business, since his return whatever character/story line they have involved him in he has been over

    he is a little guy so no matter how hard WWE tries, people will cheer for him just like they did for eddie,rey etc,

  • Lebron James

    That was a perfect comparison, Daniel Bryan IS a once in a generation type talent, just like Lebron is. IF there’s anything I’d change about Bryan right now, it’s that ridiculous haircut. He needs to go back to that clean cut and trim his beard a bit.

    • monty

      no he is the G.O.A.T

      get it lol

      i like this hairy DB, something different