SummerSlam Buys Up Big With Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H Main Event

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WWE announced in their key performance indicators that SummerSlam, headlined by Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar, did approximately 350,000 buys. This number is up big and has a lot of people singing Lesnar's praises. I'll have much more later.

  • Paul

    What was last years?

  • aeaton45

    This is a shame because I order summerslam because its summerslam and I had no interest in lesnar vs hhh.

  • Austin

    Hope HHH doesn't get a big head and think that HE sold that many ppvs…….

  • snuggle

    Shame Brock isn’t fulltime.

    • Gregory Rockefeller

      I think it’s actually a good thing business wise that he’s not full time. Think about it, if Lesnar worked every single Raw, every single ppv he wouldn’t be a big attraction anymore and ppl you get sick of him and not care to buy ppvs as much. So with him being like a special attraction this is great for business and Vince should do this more often! There are some names out there that he could eventually get and do special attraction matches. Names like Sting (should he ever leave Orlando), Goldberg, even Ultimate Warrior! I know these guys are old but they are in much better shape than alot of guys out there who are in their prime and they can go. I can’t speak for Warrior since I
      Haven’t seen him wrestle since 1998 but Sting can go and actually carry a match (Sting vs Hogan BFG) and Goldberg is never out of touch with the world of pro wrestling.

  • ron.e.woodcock

    lesnar needs to get away from being with cm punk and take his title.he also needs to take on m the big show.hhh and lesnar is like that phony cry baby del rio and sheamus.enough is enough.need new meat to face this guys.