Sunny Dishes On Women's Wrestling, Current Roster Is Overkill

Sunny aka Tammy Sytch was interviewed by Jim Ross on The Ross Report and had some interesting things to say regarding the women's division in WWE:

“Honest to God, I don’t really watch the show that much so I don’t really know everything that’s going on, but I do have it on tonight and right now the girls are on. I think they shouldn’t get away from the ‘Diva’ thing completely, because I think there should be both. I think there should be women wrestlers and champions and then there should be Divas. I think there’s a place on the roster for all of them. Do I think its overkill with how many girls are there right now? I think three was a much better number [back then] than, what is it, twenty something that they’ve got right now? I think it’s a little bit overkill. I really think it’s too much. I honestly do.”

She also called to attention some of the unrealistic aspects of current women's wrestling:

“Am I happy that more girls in the business that bust their a** are getting shots? Absolutely, I’m happy with that. Have I always been a fan of women’s wrestling? No. And I’ll tell you why. When there are some guys that can go out there and sell a dropkick like they’re dead, but then these girls pop right back up from all these bigger moves. It just makes it a little unbelievable. Why should a frail girl, and I’m not saying they’re all frail, but they’re much smaller than men, how can they be more resilient to some big moves than some of these guys?

So I think there’s a lot lost in the psychology of wrestling because of that. I mean, they’re doing, you know, 18,000 moonsaults and moonsaults from the outside from the top and popping right back from it, when guys are doing the same thing and selling it for five minutes. That’s why I’ve never been a huge fan of women’s wrestling. Is there a place for women in wrestling? Abso-freaking-lutely. But, I don’t know, I think something is missing in the psychology of women’s wrestling, I really do.”


  • Splat

    I honestly don’t think they have enough women on the main roster. If it was still one brand it would be fine but they could use more with two brands.

  • Vomkrieg

    Sunny is just confused by a world where women can advance in wrestling because of talent over looks. It’s an alien concept to her.

  • Critical

    I agree with her on the point that the roster could indeed use a few divas, some entertainment never hurt nobody, Whilst maintaining the current womens division at the same time. I don’t agree that there’s too many women on the roster, There needs to be more, Atleast 3-5 more per show.

    They’ve been feuding with each other so often that it’s getting stale now. Furthermore, i believe the Mae Young Classic serves as a proving ground for potential future talent with WWE, Hopefully in the coming months we see a few of them signed and “most importantly” some NXT call-ups for main roster.

    • Vomkrieg

      Well, Maryse and Maria are doing Diva duty, and Lana was until only very recently. There still seems to be some roles for non-wrestling women.

      6 per show is the current number of active woman I think, and it’s just a smidge too few. Basically, a 3 on 3 tag uses all of them.