SuperSmackdown Live Rating

Tuesday’s SuperSmackdown Live did a 1.7 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 2,326,000 viewers on SyFy. The show will repeat in the normal Smackdown timeslot tomorrow night.

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  • Thomas M.

    WWE gave less than a week notice on this show (at least from what I could tell) and they still pulled a 1.7. That's 50% more than TNA gets on a regular basis. I'm not a TNA hater, but it shows how far they still must go before they are considered competition for WWE.

  • AJG316

    For the record 1.7 out of what like how impressd should I be with this and all future and past ratings plz I have 0 clue on this

    • Atomas

      Rating points correspond to percentage, if I am not mistaking.

    • Joe

      Basically they did close to half the amount of viewers during Raw. And I agree with Thomas. There was very little advertising done for the live SmackDown! Even here locally, I didn’t see any commercials for it until Raw aired the commercial. The only reason I knew about it in advance was from reading up on it on this website.