"Superstar" Billy Graham Reportedly Very Ill

The following was posted on "Superstar" Billy Graham's Facebook page:

Update on Superstar Billy Graham’s Hospital Condition

According to Superstar Billy Graham’s wife Valerie Coleman he is now showing signs of the start of heart failure on top of the double pneumonia.

Double pneumonia occurs when tissues inside both lungs fill with fluid and become infected. The symptoms of fever, trouble breathing, chest pain, vomiting and chills can be particularly dangerous for someone like Graham 69, who is suffering from a multitude of other illnesses.

Scott Epstein, known as Publicity Man who handles bookings for Graham, provides more on his heart condition here on Facebook.

  • Dangerous Lee

    It’s all CM Punk’s fault. J/k, get well Mr. Graham.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    get well soon, Superstar…

  • LeftyTosser

    What a great bad guy. EW was a real hardcore bad guy before being hardcore was cool.

  • Vince

    You better tell him you’re sorry Kevin Nash.

  • With that many diseases, how is he still alive?

  • I said recently that I felt Billy’s mind was a bit clouded (or something to that effect) and that it was likely due to his health. Well, this kinda confirms it in my mind. Just the way he seemed to have disconjoined thoughts, needing to write down & read his own complaints, veering off on tangents…I know he abused steroids & other drugs and that he has openly admitted he would’ve done it all over again without changing anything, but its still sad to see him in this state. His impact on pro wrestling is still undeniable.

  • Rough ride for Superstar the last few years