Superstar Of The Year, Nash vs. HHH A Debacle In The Making?, Daniel Bryan As Champ, Layla's WWE Return

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Who is your pick for Superstar of the Year? My pick is Alberto Del Rio.

The Slammy Awards are kayfabed but CM Punk is my runaway pick for Superstar of the Year. Punk clearly established himself as a main event talent in 2011 and revitalized the entire WWE fanbase this summer. Alberto Del Rio has had a great year as well but he never got the big title defense win he needed to get established.

Kevin Nash looked awful in his match against Santino Marella. With Triple H banged up, how are these two going to have an entertaining ladder match?

While I'll at least give it to Kevin that he looked in shape, it's going to be a challenge to hold an entertaining ladder match with Triple H. I have been a loud opponent to Nash getting a singles match because of his age and the fact he's way past his prime. In most cases a gimmick match helps workers that are banged up but the ladder match stipulation is different because it involves climbing.

When will Daniel Bryan win the World Heavyweight Championship?

I have no confidence in WWE's ability to book Daniel Bryan as a legitimate main event talent. It was very surprising to me that he went over at Money in the Bank in July but the company hasn't booked him like an up and coming "megastar." There have been shades of confidence but just as soon as it looks like he's about to break out, he taps to Alberto Del Rio. It's a vicious cycle and I hope Bryan is booked in a favorable role but I'm not holding my breath.

What is the latest on Layla's injury and her return?

Layla appeared at a Florida Championship Wrestling show last month and did the Live Raw chat on November 21st. Her knee injury was serious as she had a torn ACL and MCL that required surgery to repair, however, she should be close to returning.

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  • sforester

    In D-bryan's defense, he WAS selling injuries in that match with Del Rio. That guillotine choke was a thing of beauty and a move he should keep in his submission repertoire, especially to wear down far larger opponents.

    • @RatedMKD

      Bryan sold the injuries beautifully. See when he was doing his usual backflip into a charging elbow attack, he was holding his ribs and wincing the whole time. He's awesome at that sorta stuff. Same with Punk last week against Del Rio. His arm had been worked on so much that instead of using both arms to whip Del Rio into the corner, he stood behind him and pushed him with his good arm. Such a shame that it's an uphill struggle for guys who get established on the indy scene first. More often than not, they have an excellent grasp of the minor details.

      • Patrick_Peralta

        True they do have a Excellent grasp of minor details. their biggest thing stoping them in WWE is Vince himself who doesn't care what they did in the indys. he has the mentailty of if he didn't create them it didn't happen.

  • A.E.

    I voted for Cm Punk for “Superstar of the Year”! It’s his time & if it was not for him, the WWE would not have gained a multitude of fans back. He started a buzz in the company by cutting that profound & contorversial promo and from that moment on, he continued to shatter every promo that he w/ others. Cm Punk earned the right to be “Superstar of the Year”!

    • Alex

      I agree. I left to go watch UFC after the catastrophe that was Wrestlemania 25 years ago. It was CM Punk that finally got me back into wrestling (not sports entertainment) again. As for Del Rio being that guy, I didn't even know he was champion until Punk beat him. For some reason I just thought it was a vacated title.

  • Tom

    If they really want tO get Bryan over have a returning Jericho win the rumble and have both Bryan and Jericho challenge the champion punk in a triple threat best in the world match. If they show Bryan out wrestle the two best workers in the top of the card in a marathon wrestle mania match it would definitely get him way over.

    • @RatedMKD

      That would be an absolutely fantastic match. The main problem with that scenario (aside from the wildcard of whether or not Jericho will actually be back for it) is that Punk's firmly entrenched in the WWE Title picture, and Daniel Bryan's Money in the Bank briefcase is for the World Heavyweight Title.

    • H.M.

      Your idea may have struck gold (at least with me). That's an AMAZING idea!

    • H.M.

      But DB's briefcase is for the WHC so yeah. Forgot to reconsider that lol.

  • outkazt09

    The Nash vs Triple H match is gonna be a botched fest or very boring.

    • christopher525

      It should have been a table match, or a "chairs" match so they could just go at it in a "no holds barred" type of match like Undertaker and Trips did at Mania. Then again, if the match comes out even mildly entertaining, Triple H will look like the most talented man to ever step in the ring.

  • Frenchfry

    I didnt think Nash looked bad at all, not that it was a very involved match

    • Jackwagon

      Hard to look bad when all you do is a boot to the face. He looked like he was in shape and he didn't hurt Santino. That's about all the positive I can muster for Nash. Personally, I still don't think he cuts a very good promo. He always sounded forced to me, but that's my opinion

  • Ruck

    My take on D-Bry is this…it took The Miz 5 YEARS to get to the main event level that he’s at now. I’m not comparing Bryan tO the Miz! Bryan is way better than The Miz! But one thing they have in common is that the office was not high on them when they entered. Obviously that changed for The Miz but what I’m saying is this, give it time! Stop worrying what is happening and just look towards the future! The dude got the MITB contract so a lot of things could still happen! Bryan is still yoUng, lives a very healthy lifestyle and is a guy that can be counted on! Believe me he will be a “megastar” yet!

    • Matt scott

      What’s up with your caps lock key?

  • smmorris729

    Kevin Nash looked in shape. Round… I’m kidding of course, I took a bathroom break as soon as he came out. As soon as I heard who his opponent was, I knew I had made the right decision.

  • Hunter

    Layla can’t come back soon enough! I could watch her 24/7

  • H.M.

    Wow, people sure are hostile to seeing Nash wrestle. I can see where they're coming from, but I'm in the minority. The fact is, HHH and Nash are top established names from the past, and this match might attract the older fans. I'm optimistic that Nash and HHH might make this slugfest somewhat entertaining. I really REALLY hope Nash doesn't mess this up.

    Anyway the stipulation for their match is inherently senseless. I think that's what we should be addressing before we assume that HHH/Nash will suck(which I'm not discounting, b/c it might).

    • Matt scott

      It nay well attract older fans. But they’ll give up for good after watching to of the stats of the 90s/early 00’s botch through a ladder match. Hell, at least it wasn’t Russo booking. The ladder would have been on a pole.

  • smoothjj

    CM Punk is the only one even remotely worthy of Superstar of the year the rest did nothing of significance. Del Rio sadly has run his course in wwe and it's someone they should wish future endeavors to. Henry is a joke candidate if anything this year showed he is most needing to retire superstar of the year. Nash needs to stay out of the ring he never was that great when he was "good" and now he's worse. Triple H needs to focus on running the business he can't put on great matches anymore and he's proven that. DB and CM Punk should be running smackdown and raw, respectively. But something tells me WWE is going to majorly drop the ball on DB and sadly screw him and the fans over.

    • Matt scott

      Explain where HHH can’t do great matches? WrestleMania and SummerSkam were both fantastic!

      • smoothjj

        If you think wrestlemania was fantastic that's all the further input that's needed. This was the worst wrestlemania ever. Triple H isn't the Triple H of 10 years ago; he can't go as well and he needs to hang it up.

    • @RatedMKD

      You only touched on half of the actual candidates for Superstar of the Year. I'm interested to hear what you have to say about Miz, Cena and Orton. In kayfabe logic, all six men have a viable claim. Legitimately, I reckon Orton is the only guy who stands a remote chance against Punk. Cena's been a terrific workhorse all year, as per usual, but Orton equally so, and the man has arguably had the most consistently high quality matches all year. That said, Punk's had more than his fair share of quality bouts, and has been the most entertaining guy on the roster all year – both before and after the infamous worked shoot.

      • Smoothjj

        Honestly randy orton is the only one i’d even consider giving it to other then CM Punk and Randy had an up and down years. Miz to me is a good heel and he held the title and he won at wm..but i’m not convinced he did anything other then that really the whole year and it takes more then 1 moment to become superstar of the year. Cena has been a workhorse yes and I respect him for trying to carry a company and he has seemed to start a littl ebit of tweeking to his character; but to me the biggest selling point was; like richard said; it seems like cm punk gave that rejuvination back to the wwe he set the bar back to where they had fun and did a good job; like in the 90’s.

  • Matt

    Let's just hope Nash doesn't tear his quad again