Support For Jerry Lawler Continues

- The support for Jerry Lawler continues to pour out all over the internet as we learn more about the situation. Wrestling stars from past and present, as well as different wrestling companies, react about the horrible situation that occurred last night. It really shows how the wrestling business pulls together for someone in time of need. Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, and Scott Hall showed their support early this morning and this afternoon from their tweets below.

Chris Jericho's official Twitter

Kurt Angle's official Twitter

Scott Hall's official Twitter

- As of this writing, Jerry Lawler is #2 in the "Trending Now" section on

  • havoc525

    If there’s any humor to be found in this (not that there is much, but even the slightest bit lightens the mood), Scott Hall is praying for someone else to remain healthy.

    • SRP

      Yeah. I caught that too.

  • Lenny

    Think about this people, Jerry had a heart failure! He was dead for 20 minutes before medical team was about to revive him. Now imagine if this had happened when King was alone in some hotel room? My goodness I don’t even wanna utter the words but thank God he was at the right place and the right time!

  • mjledesma

    Jerry jerry jerry. Get well soon

  • Sovikos

    Imagine the fans had voted King to fight CM Punk? There’s a chance it could of happened during the match

  • Schmidt

    Am I the only one who is REALLY hoping that Punk doesn't use this scenario to push his heel turn further? It would be nice to see Punk tweet some support King's way, despite their little "feud".

    • Tyler

      I think he has to, imagine how much heat he can get from that.

      • Wainwright

        Agreed. This is the WWE, their boundaries are few and far between. For god sakes they had Cole use King’s mothers death to further Their fued, and they’re just announcers. If they want to silence the LARGE majority of the crowd that is still cheering Punk, this is one hell of a (not to mention quick and easy, and we All know how much they love to do quick and convienet booking) way to get those results. I guess it all depends on much of a heel they want Punk to be…


    very sad, and awkward moment on Raw, especialy for poor Michael Cole. Get well soon King!

  • Michael Reilly

    Happened to the footballer fabrics mauamba in the English premiership his heart stopped for 75 mins and survived maybe because a heart surgeon was in the crowd and he didn’t suffer any brain damage

  • JasonGaza

    Yeah but King should of realized that hes to old to be wrestling still, stay out the ring, you had your chance, just sit back relax King. Jumping in the ring with someone as Dangerous as CM Punk is not smart at your age.