Surgery Causes The Rock To Miss Premiere, Michael Bay Comments

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E! Online covered the news of The Rock's successful hernia operation.

Their piece notes the surgery caused Rock to miss the Pain & Gain premiere in Los Angeles where director Michael Bay issued his well-wishes and joked from the red carpet.

"Dwayne's hurt tonight," Bay told E! News on the red carpet. "He was pushing it too hard. [ He] needs to grow up and stop wrestling 300-pound men."

  • Joey

    Funny how the guy who is still making Transformers movies tells someone to grow up

    • But what makes it worse out of everything is that people keep going to them so he can keep making them. Have grown up with G1 Transformers I can say to me it really isn’t a child thing in my eyes. It’s butchering of my past now.

  • Matt

    Michael Bay can shut his damn mouth. His movies have less bloody plot or storyline than WWE and worse acting.

    • Terra Ryzing

      Agreed. I really wish he would stop making movies.

    • Batman

      Why do defensive? He JOKED from the red carpet. Joked. Grow up.

  • Meagan Fox

    SO its not just actors,writers,producers,editors,costume people and other directors Michael Bay hates its wrestlers to.
    Charming bloke isn’t he wonder how he keeps getting work guess hollywood really is filled with talentless A** H***S.

  • Win

    LOL…He really got under you guys skin with that comment!!!

  • Chris

    LMAO!!! Good one!!! What makes it even better is all the people getting butt hurt about it!!!