Surprise Guest Royal Rumble Entrant Possibly Revealed

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Wrestling News World reader Glenn Guinand sent in the following from Wade Barrett's Twitter account:

Papa Shango has also performed as The Godfather, Kama, and others.

  • Matt

    He's in great shape last I saw of him a year or two ago. Awesome if this is true!

  • Cyn

    Triple Entrant… like Mick Foley

  • Bertie

    Hope this is true!!!!

  • H.M.

    I can just see it now…during the Royal Rumble…Funkasaurus and Godfather dance-off/face off/something along those lines.

  • Mike

    Now if they could persuade the Warrior to return also, that could be my favourite rivalry of all time reignited!

    That was sarcasm, by the way…

  • frank

    he said the same last year

  • cmpunk_23

    barrett said this last year aswell…

  • brentus

    i'm thinking wwe will give wade barret a telling off for spoiling the suprise

  • keagan

    I think he is just messing with people.

  • Louis

    It’s beginning to look like a guess who of past wrestlers knowing none of them will win. Beginning to have too much show and tell.

  • SeanAwesome

    They did the same thing last year

  • Jordan

    "my good pal" haha. Maybe we can get wacky skits where Wade teaches Papa how to be a proper Englishman

  • Santa

    this is the same guy who said that his new theme would be yellow submarine…

  • Stupid Marks

    he said the exact same last year about the Royal Rumble, which resulted in the returns of Kevin Nash and Booker T.

  • MsMojoRisin

    Ho! Train

  • Wazo

    Wade posted exactly the same Tweet before last years Rumble so think he is just Trolling again

  • Dug

    He Did the same joke last year for the Royal Rumble.

  • gpturbo81

    he better be bringin the HOOOOOOOOOO train.

  • Jim

    When he changed from being “The Godfather” into “The Goodfather” for some reason cracked me up…

  • @ease9310

    I want the winner of the 2012 Royal Rumble match to be Randy Ortan,Sheamus,Mick Foley,Chris Jericho,or Big Show to win it.I hope Big Show's in it,but I'm not 100% sure.

  • cmpunk fan

    its a stick on jericho's going to win it.Hes going to feud with punk and fight him at wrestlemania for the wwe championship.

  • Dave L

    I always thought the Papa Shango gimmick had a lot of other places it could go, I hope it sticks around maybe even bring back the boogyman for a new tag team.