Surprises At Raw's 20th, New Stars, Why Kaval Left WWE, Live Events

With the January 14th episode of WWE being the 20th Anniversary, will there be anything special or surprises that you know of?

WWE has reached out to some former names about possible cameos for the 20th Anniversary of Raw but we haven't heard much more. The Toyota Center, which will be hosting the show, doesn't acknowledge the milestone on their event information page. One thing I found of note was this is the only show in January in which The Rock is not advertised as I reported here on

Why do you think the WWE is giving their new performers such as The Shield or Ryback (even if he's technically been in the WWE for a while but his gimmick is quite recent) the opportunity to main event PPVs this quickly when they have a locker room full of talented proven superstars who have been waiting for their push for years?

WWE knows what they have with the current main roster and are looking for new major stars. Vince McMahon is very high up on Ryback and feels he has the potential to be a major money draw. The Shield are three guys that were standouts in developmental and the company has explored ways to introduce them to the main WWE audience for several months. How far they go depends on the response but WWE is looking to produce more major stars.

If Kaval would have been properly utilized would he have still left WWE?

Kaval left WWE because he didn't like it - from the politics to the travel schedule. He also felt the company wasn't behind him and ended up requesting his release. This is something that bothers me with newer talent. In this business a worker has to work through low points to get the high points. Take The Miz for example. He was one of the most hated guys in the business, constantly ribbed, even to the point of not being allowed to get dressed with the rest of the roster. He didn't quit, continued to work hard and is now in a good position. WWE isn't for everyone but in order to "make it" a worker has to be prepared to handle tribulations. For more on Kaval and his release, you can read his comments at this link.

How important are non-televised live events for WWE and TNA?

Live events are very important in terms of generating revenue and creating brand awareness. Touring cities is how the companies keep their names out there and generate revenue in the process. They also provide workers a non-televised opportunity to prepare for bigger matches and rehearse in front of a live audience. Match outcomes at live events are not as important as many people have a bad habit of assuming what happens at live events is indicative of what will happen at TVs or PPVs.

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  • I’m a huge fan of low ki’s work. Wish he would have stayed longer in the wwe.

  • jambo masai from kenya

    Kofi, ziggler, cody, miz, r truth shd be now headlining ppvs not ryback

    • A2H

      Exactly. Thats why i asked that question! These guys have been working their asses for years and couldnt get as far as the new guys have in weeks. And we cant really say they lack talent, or even draw power if used properly!!

  • Miles

    “They have a locker room of talented, proven superstars” hahahahahahaha!!!!!

    • Dude love

      How is that funny?

    • Monty

      So we have wrestlers like Ziegler who can out wrestle most wrestlers on the roster along with Kofi who could be a huge star. Cody should be a superstar if used right

      I have nothing against rayback and I understand he has that IT for being a star right now but h can't wrestle, if people hate on cena because they call him super cena than rayback also has 5 moves? Whats the difference?

      And if you are gonna push rayback than show confidence and let him run with the title, him loosing all the times doesn't help IMO

  • jambo masai from kenya

    Funny enuf, After kaval left, no one in nxt sn 2 is active in wwe main roster!

    • Iamjohnnymcb

      Titus o’neil

    • partyjereme

      Titus O' Neil

    • Jay

      Alex Riley was but not anymore

  • Matt

    The problem for new talent in WWE is that there is no real competition. If there were real competition you would see guys that have names in TNA or ROH etc… come in and get a bigger push right away like in the attitude era.
    Now with Vince not worried about another brand/company can run the "outsiders" into the ground and never give them anything. Punk,Bryan,Del Rio are luck to have gotten where they are now. The only way for things to ever change in WWE is to have another brand actually able to compete with WWE.

  • Batman

    WWE is not the be-all, end-all. Low Ki is doing fantastically well in NJPW. I don’t see why him not wanting to put up with backstage politics is a slight on him as a performer as you imply.

  • bejealous

    Monday is December 10. The 9th is Sunday, my son’s 3rd birthday

    • kbunyon

      Thanks for catching that! I got it fixed. Happy Birthday to your little one.