Surprising Former WWE Diva Scheduled For Tonight's Raw Supershow (Spoiler)

Fresh off her arrest last Friday in Georgia, Amy "Lita" Dumas is at the Norfolk Scope Arena in Norfolk, Virginia and scheduled to appear as a Slammy Award presenter on tonight's edition of Raw Supershow featuring the 2011 WWE Slammy Awards.

The former WWE Diva wrote the following on Twitter on Saturday:

You guys make a Team Extreme jailbird graphic yet? Get to work! #slackers

  • Patrick_Peralta

    A funny tweet of hers' but she is so right everyone from Team Extreme has now been in jail.

  • vmagic

    Will be nice to see Lita tonight!!

  • mathew30

    gr8 to see her on raw tonight, how ever is this now the standard of what PG means?

    • fearad

      How is lita presenting an award not PG?

      • mathew30

        she got arrested for speeding and driving with no licence. not exactly a gr8 pg viewing to show your kids its alright. but saying this, thats nothing compared to the constant bullying wwe does.

      • Nate

        I think that might have been sarcasm

      • keegan

        mathew must be making reference to her recent arrest, by implying how can wwe be PG if they seem condone her actions by allowing her to present

    • GODSENT83

      Ummm care to elaborate how lita it’s relevant to pg?

  • Danno

    Is this going to lead to more former superstars coming back? I hope so.