Survivor Series Buys Less Than 208,000 The Show Did Last Year

WWE has updated their Key Performance Indicators through November 2013 and in them, they give a buyrate estimate for Survivor Series. While the number is currently unavailable, it is plotted below the 208,000 buys the show did in 2012. Below is a look at the chart:


Official numbers will be available when the company reports their fourth quarter earnings next year.

Richard Reacts: WWE officials were unhappy with the way Survivor Series performed last year and I would imagine they'll be equally unhappy with the way it performed this year. The problem is I could have told you this pay-per-view wasn't going to do well before it even aired. The build was lackluster, the card was weak and the execution of it was even worse. Vince McMahon can say the Survivor Series concept is outdated or give any other excuse but the fact of the matter is WWE didn't present an attraction worth buying.

  • Ricky

    A week going into the event and we only knew of 4 matches. The rest where last minute matches.

  • the arbiter

    I thought WWE treated Summerslam as it’s 2nd biggest show? The buy rates put it a bit ahead of the other PPVs but look at the rumble. Wow! Nearly 600k buys this year. Clearly the 2nd biggest PPV of the year.

    • Bob’s Diner

      They had The Rock in the main event – they had to expect that to outperform everything. Interesting that almost every PPV since then has done less than last year

      • the arbiter

        The rock wasn’t in the main event for each of the last 3 years though. And in each of the last 3 years its beaten Summerslam, yet WWE always says Summerslam is the 2nd biggest show.

  • David F

    The card for Survivor Series was weak but I also think the concept is outdated I would love to see King of the Ring replace Survivor Series. With so many young supestars on the roster winning King of Ring tournament could really help elevate a young superstar like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Edge and so much more. As Owen Hart would say enough is enough and its time for a change

  • eskymi

    I can see why. Orton vs Big Show (we all knew Orton would win). I didn’t get it because it had Orton in the main event. The other matches were poor also. Ugh!

  • Bob’s Diner

    What? You mean that riveting HHH vs Big Show feud that resulted in a Randy Orton vs Big Show main event didn’t draw in millions of viewers? Or John Cena vs Alberto del Rio for the 50th time?

    What a shock!

  • Justin Lal

    WWE has no one to blame but themselves for this low buyrate. First of all they didn’t use Bray Wyatt in a match at Survivor Series when he was on the promotional poster. So they don’t use Bray at a Big 4 PPV yet they used him at a B-Level PPV? Very smart! Secondly they used the Big Show. I respect Big Show, but I’ve never been a fan of him being used in the main event scene. The three top matches at this PPV where all WEAK. WWE would have been better off featuring a HUGE traditional Survivor Series match with all their main event talent. It wasn’t necessary to have both Orton and Cena defend their titles and they still could have teased their unification match at the end of the PPV.