Swagger Arrest, HHH Running WWE, SD/Wrestlemania, Blood In Wrestling

Considering all of the attention Jack Swagger received from the mainstream media earlier this week, do you think WWE has any choice but to terminate his contract per the conditions of the WWE Wellness Policy?

Jack Swagger is in a world of trouble after having one of the dumbest arrests in WWE history. Here's a guy that has an opportunity most only dream of and rather than focusing on taking full advantage of it, he's out breaking the law with reckless behavior. The arrest was so shocking there was a point I even questioned its legitimacy, however, this is completely legitimate. Word is that Vince McMahon is livid and I personally don't see how Swagger gets out of this with his job. I'm sure some serious meetings are taking place about what to do next. The fact Swagger was scripted into this week's Smackdown gives the company some time to determine what to do.  I'm not reporting WWE is going to fire him but rather speculating that Swagger has done himself no favors.  Swagger's first main event push was scrapped due to behavioral/attitude problems and it doesn't get much more arrogant than what he did a mere hour and a half after this week's Smackdown taping.

Given all that Triple H has accomplished since he's been given increased responsibility do you think WWE will be in good hands once he takes over?

I've been a big fan of many of Triple H's recent decisions. The more power and responsibility that Vince McMahon gives him, the more he uses it to pull off impressive results. Securing Bruno Sammartino for the WWE Hall of Fame is only the start of it. Hunter has greatly improved things in developmental and is focused on making significant changes that will only help the company moving forward. Vince knew what he was doing when he picked Hunter as his successor and I don't expect WWE to miss a beat.

Will there be an episode of Smackdown on the Friday prior to Wrestlemania 29?

WWE will tape material for the 4/5 episode of Smackdown on Monday from the Raw taping in Washington DC. The show will also feature live look-ins from Wrestlemania Fan Axxess in New Jersey. There will not be a full Smackdown taping on the Tuesday after Raw, as is the case during a normal week.

Do you agree that gimmick matches need color to bring the extra element of realism?

Steel cage matches in particular are difficult to get over without the use of color (or blood for those that don't understand the terminology); however, I completely understand and agree with the banishment of blading. The primitive practice puts everyone involved at risk for infectious disease and isn't something that should be encouraged. Gimmick matches are useful when utilized properly but they aren't something WWE (or any organization) should emphasize.

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  • PainOfDemise

    I still can’t believe the stupidity of Swagger. Whatever happens to him, he deserves it.

    • Doug

      What he did was dumb but we also cant forget he is innocent untill proven guilty, On top of the fact that he is not the only superstar to have a DUI. example Alex Riley.

      • Yeah, and where’s A-Ry wrestling now? You see him mostly on NXT vs other shows!

        • Doug

          at the time of the arrest he was by the miz’s side and was still kept on tv, plus roddy piper even told him he needs a DD on TV.

      • If it was his first then fair enough but like wnw says swaggers been fined numerous times for pot so his track record would suggest that hes guilty this time aswell. All i can say is goodbye donald hager and best of luck in his future endevours

        • Xavier

          Allow me to educate you because this is obviously your first time watching WWE, Swagger will not get fired he will main even at Mania and win the title to cover up the arrest.

          • LeftyTosser

            Xavier, I believe you are wrong on this one. VKM has given Swagger more chances than a lot of folks. He does not get over with fans. He has a HUGE ego and does not know how to handle the pushes he has been given. He may not be fired before Mania, but I would be amazed if he is strapped. Best case for him would be to just be bumped back to the mid card where he belongs. I don’t see VKM pushing someone that has proven they cannot handle success.

          • Been watching since 88 actually and we all know if seagger does get the title it will mean very bad publicity for wwe rewarding a speeding arrest the pot will be totally forgotten about ill agree with that

      • Jimmy

        But then again, Alex Riley isn’t scheduled to fight for the World Heavywight Championship at Wrestlemania 29 for the Main Even of Smackdown.

  • 1molly23

    Thwagger’s an idiot!

  • Chris

    The question is, how do you just write off the character, and his winning of the chamber match? This was set to be one of the bigger gimmicks from the looks of it, now Dutch Mantel winds up without a job again, or do they have someone else step up and take his place? If not for the fact that he’s in TNA, I think Ken Anderson could have been pretty good in the role, except that he wouldn’t need the talker, he can cut his own promo.

    • You write him off by telling the truth. He got arrested for DUI, this is unbecoming of the company, he’s been terminated. Humiliate him and fire him on live TV. I’ve got nothing against smoking weed, not at all. But he got behind the wheel of a car while he was under the influence of cannabis, which endangered himself and others. You’d think a guy in the midst of the biggest push of his life so far would at least try to somehow act right. If this was just a possession charge, there’d be no grounds for anything but a slap on the wrist. But DUI is potentially huge. Hell, if I was in a title match for the WHC at Wrestlemania, I wouldn’t dare speed in the first place, which is presumably why he got pulled over to begin with.

      Fire him on live TV, let him wait out his 90 days, and see who takes the risk of signing him.

      • Illdecide

        I agree with Jon, no writing out is needed, when things like this happen straight up shame/expose him

        If a storyline is needed: Zeb declares this behaviour un-American and finds a new all American to represent him

        • Shelton Benjamin.

        • CJ Blaze

          if swagger does get fired, I can see Zeb going to Cesaro… lol

    • Jimmy

      They’ll probably have a match with Swagger and Orton, saying that Orton convinced him to put his title match at WM29 on the line and the loser gets fired. Similar to the Ziggler vs Jericho situation last year. But thats just my guess.

  • He will probably get replaced by RKO to challenge Del Rio at wrestlemania. Job all the way to and after wrestlemania and get released afterwards on black Monday.

    • Xavier

      I dont think so. He’ll make it to Mania and win the title so no one suspects anything ans then go on to hold it until next years WM30 to face Kofi Kingston only to have Dolph cash in and win the title. Your Welcome!

      • Batman


        You’re welcome.

  • ed allwood

    i bet he got some of that nam grass from zeb…

  • The arbiter

    This over-reaction to recreational drug use is almost comic. Shawn Michaels was a heavy drug user at one point, he went on to be arguably the best. Ric Flair was legendary for both wrestling, and partying very very hard.
    Most of your wrestling heroes would have used drugs at some point (Punk being the obvious exception). Swagger is just unfortunate to have gotten caught. I wonder if someone who didnt like Jacks push made a call to the cops when he left the taping.

    • The Arbiter

      That being said, The DUI is severe enough to warrant censure.

    • I agree, Marijuana shouldn’t even be on the radar of WWE…it’s just so pety to think that Vince, who in the 80’s was an avid pot smoker, is going to fire this guy for it, when Randy Orton can smoke pot all day back stage and noone say a word.. it’s all just politics..

    • My stance on Weed has always been very simple: “If its not oxygen, in the air naturally, or prescribed by a doctor, it doesn’t belong in the human lung.”

      • BlazeKing

        “If its not oxygen, in the air naturally, or prescribed by a doctor,”

        That last part made the whole sentence irrelevant… You do know weed can be prescribed by a doctor, right?

  • JimmyDean

    Forget Swagger, bring back John Morrison

    • Xavier

      Swaggers got more talent in his pinky finger than John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin and Tyson Kidd put together and you know it mark.

      • LeftyTosser


      • Bananaman

        Swagger mark much there, xavier?

  • Maze

    I believe in color in gimmick matches, and I know juicing is not a good idea anymore and I understand that, so I know before they would pre-cut the talent so that they will bleed when needed, so the could use that method once in a while, or just go hard way.

  • John Palley

    Swagger is done. He has no business getting any more mainstream attention.

    As for Zeb, that storyline was over almost the minute it started. Literally nobody cares about a racist Tea Party guy. With Swagger gone, Zeb should quietly fade away.