Swagger/Colter Controversy, Cashing In, Sin Cara's Status, Title Belt Cost

Linda McMahon ran for the U.S. Senate as a Republican. Does it seem unusual that Vince McMahon is having Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter be stereotypical characters that basically follow the same political platform that his wife used?

We detailed the origins of the Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter team here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium. Basically Vince was upset at the mainstream media attention that Lucha Libre USA's RJ Brewer received and told Triple H to help WWE create something similar. Dutch Mantel was brought in and created as a play at conservative commentator Ann Coulter. I am absolutely flabbergasted that media organizations like FOX News are covering this as controversy. It's a fictitious scripted wrestling angle. Vince isn't trying to influence US politics (they already tried and failed); he's trying to get attention on a repackaged Jack Swagger. Vince has accomplished the goal of getting the mainstream media to pay attention but it may not be the kind of attention they were looking for as they already issued a statement in attempt to quell critics.

When is Dolph Ziggler going to "cash in" his Money in the Bank briefcase? Doesn't he only have until Wrestlemania to do so?

Following the storyline, Dolph Ziggler has a full 365 days to "cash in" the Money in the Briefcase from the day that he won it. Ziggler won the briefcase at Money in the Bank 2012 on July 15, 2012 so he still has a little less than five months to follow the storyline. As for when it will happen, I don't think anyone knows. It was brought up several times prior to pay-per-views late last year but obviously didn't happen.

Have you heard anything backstage about Sin Cara's status? Could he be on his way out? If so, do you think WWE dropped the ball with Sin Cara?

Sin Cara is safe for now but there is no question he's had a disappointing run in WWE. Coming in as a very successful star from Mexico, Triple H hoped Sin Cara could end up as the replacement of Rey Mysterio. Unfortunately, Cara has struggled to adapt to the WWE style, been hampered with injuries and even failed a Wellness test. I do not think WWE dropped the ball with him as I put the problems directly on the shoulders of Sin Cara. He had WWE pushing his debut, Hunter as a vocal supporter backstage yet still found a way to fail a Wellness test. He's flashed his greatness  but has struggled more often than not. I also think it highlights WWE has undervalued Rey Mysterio. While plagued with problems of his own, you can't just create another guy as talented as Mysterio.

How much do WWE championship belts cost?

WWE reported on dot com that the new WWE title belt cost more than $50,000 to create and develop.  Obviously replicas are cheaper as you can purchase one for $449.99.

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  • I have not seen a name plate, will the be using logos like Rock has a bull on it?

    • Loren Goldstein

      As I understand it for each champion there will be new sideplates.

  • Loren Goldstein

    As far as the cost of the belt goes people need to realize is that development & design costs and manufacturing costs differ. the don’t have to pay for the design of the belt anymore, that’s already done. Think about the amount of money that goes into creating a new car. Ex: Chevrolet dumped millions into developing the new Corvette, yet the cost is only a fraction of that total.

  • PainOfDemise

    Since Ziggler hasn’t cashed it in yet and it’s getting closer to Wrestlemania, I’m thinking he will be cashing it then to make a big impact.

    • Lbp365

      I think right after wrestlemania he will cash it in agianst John Cena

      • Fandangooooo

        He can only cash in for the WHC

        • Lbp365

          Well against ADR

  • Commentators on the right are overreacting to this angle and claiming Zeb is racist. However, wrestling fans with a liberal point of view also cried racism when the Zeb character was first introduced. People on both sides are wrong about the character. He is just using his first amendment rights and in my opinion speaking the truth. My parents came to this country LEGALLY. I for one am happy that the issue of illegal immigration is being talked about on a large platform like WWE.

    • Are you some of hitting dislike because you don’t like the fact my parents came here LEGALLY? I guess being an illegal immigrant is the “in” thing nowadays…

  • Bobby W.

    I’m confused by Fox News also, is this not what they follow too? Ann Coulter, etc. Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    • The problem is that the Zeb character is being portrayed as the heel. This obviously is a problem with anyone on the right that watches wrestling. However, many WWE stars went from being heels to fan favorites over time: John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin. Remember Cena went from a white rapper who was booed to a fan favorite promoting make-a-wish foundation wishes. I bet Zeb will be cheered as the weeks go by.

      • Hardy

        All it shows is that he clearly gets over as a heel and he is doing the job right. He is a heel character and he is getting heat, pretty simple really.

      • Popped A Molly I’m Swaetin’

        Lol what are u saying, Cena got more pop as the “white rapper” than he does now as the WWE’s Superman.

  • it’s been obvious to me for months that Ziggler would cash in at Mania. It makes the most sense and fits perfectly with his character as the show-off. My guess is Del Rio retains and then is taken out by an enraged Swagger. “I’m Here To Show The World” Ziggler cashes in and is the new World Heavyweight Champion on the grandest stage of them all.

  • tomcatjerrymouse

    Dolph Ziggler should cash in at WM, win the title and then his scheduled match, hopefully against Chris Jericho, becomes a world title match.

  • Its exactly what wwe needs more controversy it creates good characters,good tv abd of course good money. Theres one i thing ill never understand though american was settled by europeans but then go on saying everyone else are inmigrants when technically only the native american indians are truely american.

    • Theoretically, the Indians are not “Indians”, they’re Mongolians who migrated from Mongolia across the Bering sea when the lands were still joined. (Alaska and Mongolia) So “migration” is just another word for “im-migration”.

      Which means the Indians aren’t really native, either. Humans were in constant movement in those days — and still are.

      After all, the whole world was in flux at that point. Everything was changing!

  • Nostaljack

    I promise I don’t mean to be a “problem child” but why is premium news being given away for free two days after we knew about it? Most of what we were given a couple of days ago is now available for free. Just asking…

    • Kenneth

      After two days or so it’s not really premium news, I guess. Two days is a long, long time in the world of social media. It’s probably hard to keep premium news a secret for so long.

      If you’re paying for the premium news section then you’re not paying for exclusivity, you’re paying for timing. You’re paying for the privilege of knowing right now this very second rather than later when news spreads through other media.

  • Benjamin

    What is exactly is the deal with Rey Mysterio? He seems to have been gone for ages with only a few sporadic appearances here and there.

    • 1molly23

      family issues.

  • I encourage most of you to follow Zeb Colter on his facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/ZebColterWweUniverse His latest post: “I’m not racist at all. I told you before…I dont like people who come into this country illegally! You are what’s wrong with America also. You assume things and make accusations.”#WeThePeople

  • Willie

    I wonna know if they gonna change the world title picture since Jack Swagger got arrested last night for DUI & MARIJUANA after the smackdown tapin…… TMZ & FOX NEWS gonna be all over this!!!! Poor Jack Swagger

  • Lbp365

    If it’s true they mixing thete political views in storylines (outside arrest or injury) I think afro Americans and haspanics may want to think twice about signing with the WWE I understand they pay good but is your race pride important too? Just asking.

  • I tried to reason with a Tea Partier this morning that it’s just a storyline and means nothing in terms of a commentary. It’s just wrestling doing what they’ve done for a century: being controversial to make money. he wouldn’t listen so I gave up.