Sycho Sid Calls Return To Raw The Greatest Moment Of His Life

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Dot com has a video online with Sycho Sid discussing how good it felt to return to Raw. Sid called it the greatest moment of his whole life.

You can watch the full video at this link.

  • Voice of Wrestling

    Psycho Sid as R-truths Manager ????

  • James

    It was great seeing him. Gosh I wish he got on the mic, nothing better then Sid on the mic, not sure if its as good as Scott Steiner on the mic

  • Might be the best moment… But it was his worst performance….

  • Chris


    • Michael

      Ahaha #AreYouSerious

  • Thumpa

    He said ‘I’d just like to thank everyone for watching Raw and…ah I messed that up can we start again?’

  • Lars

    Still remember that broken leg of his, amazed he can walk let alone wrestle

    • David

      I was thinking the exact same thing, when I saw him.

      • Kurt

        I was thinking that as well. Hell, considering what he went through, how long he’s been out of the ring, not counting any independent appearances, and the fact that he is nearly 52 years old, I think he did well.