Sycho Sid Returns To WWE On Raw Supershow

Sycho Sid returned to WWE on tonight's Raw Supershow to squash Heath Slater.

Sid's appearance was part of a reoccurring theme of bringing back past talent to celebrate the 1000th episode of Raw on July 23, 2012.

  • Simon

    Sid didn't look half bad considering it's been 15yrs since his last time on Raw, sure he's older but I wonder if he could still go in a real match, rather than just a squash

  • guest

    so great to see pyscho sid return! love it!

  • Bill

    He looked like ass!

  • christopher525

    Think his boy will wind up working for WWE now? I could see tagging Lil' Sid with Lil' Vader.

    • someguywithanidea

      throw in Scott Hall s kid and you got NWO the legacy

  • eric

    Sid still got it

  • Babydoc0617

    I’m just glad Vinve didn’t have him try to do aerial move. Last time he did that in wcw he had to get a rod in his leg. also glad he pulled himself away from the softball field to show up at raw

    • Robert olley


  • Dangerous Lee

    Anybody who chews gum through the whole match is a douchebag.

    • John

      Does that make HBK a douchebag?

      • Dangerous Lee

        If the above statement applies, then yes.

  • Steve l

    I felt like I was watching an indie promotion in a highschool gym during that match.It had a real low rent feel. Amd not necause of Slater I think in the right sitiation he could have a nice carreer. Back to Sid I guess there are no wellnes tests for the one night returns.

  • Dave Barton

    Anyone else think Sid looked like he had Scott Hall’s face with Harley Race’s hair last night?

  • “The Nightmare”

    He looked horrible at times, and really “seasoned” at times too. He dominated the match to a point but not like the Sid of the past. Age doesn’t look good on him. One thing I will say, his ring attitude has definitely changed, he wasn’t as vocal as he used to be. I sensed a sense of respect towards the WWE universe for allowing him another chance in front of him. I bet it’s been a very long time since he’s heard a reaction like that and it humbled him some. All in all, great to see him back and put on a decent match, age considered. Thank you Sycho Sid!

  • Michael

    I dont care… I MARKED OUT!