Tag Team Title Match Announced For Wrestlemania

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As confirmed on Monday Night Raw just now, Ryback and Curtis Axel will face The Usos at Wrestlemania XXX for the Tag Team Titles. We at WrestlingNewsWorld.com will have complete coverage of Wrestlemania XXX on Sunday April 6, 2014.

It is unknown as of this time if The Real Americans will be added to the match as both teams were deemed Number 1 Contender's on last week's Smackdown. Stay tuned for any updates.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Wow… the lamest tag-team in the company get the title shot at the biggest show of the year
    I thought people said WWE were rebuilding the tag-team division, not trying to make it as good as TNA’s

  • Eddie Edwards

    Who did Cody Rhodes and Goldust piss off?

    • ClintMurphy

      FANDANGO, but seriously this is it couldnt they do a triple threat tag ladder match with las matadors

    • David F..

      Maybe fatal four way with Usos, Rybaxel, Real Americans and Brotherhood. That would be entertaining and good way to get guys on the card

    • Josh

      They’re in the battle royal. They mentioned on Raw that “Rybaxel gave up their spots in the battle royal to get their title match at WrestleMania.”

  • H.M.

    Well…at least the titles are being defended at WM?

    …Anyone? Anyone?

    • Scott Davies

      I bet Richard is angry cause its Ryback involved.

  • Scott Davies

    I wish they would make this a Multiple Team TLC match. I mean Money In The Bank will come in a few months, but TLC won’t be until December. I personally think that would work better than MITB, cause it sheds light on the Tag Team Titles.

  • Stoney

    When will WWE give up on Rybaxel? I swear everytime they come out to the ring you hear the crickets chirping and see the tumbleweed rolling past.
    It should’ve been The real Americans because of how over Cesaro is right now