Tag Team Title Match Changed At Clash of Champions

Another match at Clash of Champions has been modified a bit. After the team of Rusev Day (Rusev and Aiden English) were able to get a victory over New Day, they earned themselves a spot in the title match on Dec. 17th, meaning it will now be:

The Usos vs. New Day vs. Rusev Day vs. Gable & Benjamin for the Tag Titles.


  • Scutty

    And now you’re filtering responses to block criticism! You guys are really clueless on how to maintain a viewership to your site. Blocking speech is a deterrent not a benefit.

    • Brendan Wahl

      I love when people insult website writers and tell them they’re stupid and then when they get blocked it’s to “block criticism.” If you were blocked there was probably a good reason. Happy holidays.

    • Michael Andrew Smith

      same thing happened to me the other day, i criticised how poor i thought the site had become and my post got delete its stupid, they should try listening to what we have to say, it might make things, i feel sorry for those with premium

      • Brendan Wahl

        Constructive criticism is not the same thing as what people are doing to get themselves banned. You can offer constructive criticism and tell us what you think SPECIFICALLY should be improved or changed without resorting to name-calling or slandering someone.

      • Zack

        Here’s the issue, just so you and others know. It’s two fold. First, people who criticize without being constructive are going to have their comment deleted. If you say “this website has gone to crap” or “you guys suck now” you’ll be deleted. If you want us to hear you then leave a comment saying something like “I liked the older style of posting results when it was longer and more in depth.” Secondly, you have to realize just because you dislike something doesn’t mean everyone feels the same way. We get people saying “all the good information is premium! There needs to be less premium! Richard never used to post all the good stuff solely in premium!” Then when we post more free premium others will say, “This is ridiculous! I pay for premium and we hardly get any content on there now! There needs to be more premium! Richard always posted way more premium news!” So just understand we try our best to balance out what people want, but sometimes we’re going to do it our way and use our best judgement. I also want you guys to realize that if it weren’t for me and Brendon there wouldn’t even be comments anymore. Many dirt sheets don’t have comments and we fought to keep them despite so many people just commenting that we suck all the time. However, if that continues they’ll be gone.