JR Reviews The Royal Rumble, Discusses Brodus Clay, Mark Henry, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights: -I was pleasantly surprised that Sheamus won the Royal Rumble match. I’m a big fan of the tough Irishman who carries himself like a champion and is a great representative of WWE. This should be Sheamus’ biggest year ever in […]

New Video Previews Of WWE ’12 DLC: Randy Savage, Masked Kane, Batista, Mick Foley, More

The official WWE Games YouTube channel has posted in-game footage, entrance videos, and roster profiles of the “Legends Pack,” which will be released on January 31. Now included in the pack are Masked Kane and “Pre-Funk” Brodus Clay. Some video previews are below: Macho Man” Randy Savage Mick Foley Batista Masked Kane Brodus Clay

WNW YouTube – Has Hogan Lost Interest In TNA?, Sting’s Final Year, Flair Gets Another Ring

Embedded in the video below is today’s YouTube Report. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel at YouTube.com/user/wnwnews: Richard Gray of http://www.wrestlingnewsworld.com tells why he believes Hulk Hogan has lost interest in TNA, discusses what is believed to be Sting’s final year wrestling, Ric Flair’s second WWE Hall of Fame induction, Wrestlemania to New Jersey and […]

What People In WWE Including Curt Hawkins Think Of WWE’s Funkasaurus

While Brodus Clay’s “Funkasaurus” gimmick surprised many, it got high marks from several people within WWE. Goldust, who works as a producer backstage, said the gimmick was over with him and had “big potential.” Even Curt Hawkins, who had the daunting task of putting Clay over, playfully Tweeted, “What the FUNK just happened? Ouch.” Hawkins […]

Brodus Clay Comments On His Shocking Gimmick, Raw Supershow In Cleveland, Official WWE Hall Of Fame Announcements

- WWE has an exclusive video on their official website with Brodus Clay talking about his debut on Monday’s Raw Supershow and how he shocked everyone with his gimmick.  Clay assures the interviewer you can take him serious and points to his squash against Curt Hawkins. You can watch it at this link. – WWE […]

Brodus Clay’s Funky Gimmick, Four Horseman Inducted With Ric Flair In TNA, WWE Network Panic, Rumble Match Winner

Brodus Clay – you know, the man from Planet-funk, the Funk-a-sorus. What are your thoughts on his debut gimmick? Believe it or not, this is the most popular question of the day. Some people loved it, some people hated it but everyone wants to know the skinny on Brodus Clay’s debut gimmick on Raw Supershow. […]

Kayfabe Laurinaitis Twitter Account Says Brodus Clay Will Debut, Jericho Will Speak; House Show Photos

- The following is from the kayfabe Twitter account of John Laurinaitis: I hope you’re all excited for #Raw tonight…Brodus will be debuting, and @IamJericho will be speaking. It’s like a redo from last week. — John Laurinaitis (@WWERawGM) January 9, 2012 – Speaking of Chris Jericho, the Standard-Times has photos online from yesterday’s WWE […]

Chris Jericho’s Silent Return, Where’s Brodus Clay?, Dolph Ziggler Outdated, Booking Of Daniel Bryan

What are your thoughts on the return of Chris Jericho on last night’s Raw Supershow? Chris Jericho’s return to WWE under the cryptic videos on last night’s Raw Supershow was hardly a surprise. He was heavily rumored to be behind the videos and while there was talk about using The Undertaker as a backup plan, […]

Rain At Wrestlemania, Shane McMahon’s WWE Departure, Brodus Clay MIA, How Long Will Daniel Bryan’s Reign Last?

Am I the only person to realize that Wrestlemania XXVIII next year is outside this year? I can understand continuing to wrestle if it is a light rain but what happens if a thunderstorm pops up? I can assure you that you are not the only one that realizes Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, […]