Jeff Hardy Injured At Last Night’s TNA Live Event

Jeff Hardy was injured at last night’s TNA live event from Worcester, Massachusetts. The injury appeared to be to his backside and caused his match against Christopher Daniels to go to a quick finish. As of this writing Hardy hasn’t addressed the injury but posted the following on Twitter: ThanxWorcester!!! . . . . […]

Jeff Hardy Encourages People Never To Start Drinking Or Doing Drugs; Says Matt Is Doing Well

Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald has a new article online featuring quotes from Jeff Hardy. Below is an excerpt: “I really believe that people learn from examples and through problems themselves,” Hardy said. “OK, my brother [Matt] and myself, for example, we never drank. We never did drugs. Nothing. I was 21, 22, when […]

Abyss Talks Character Progression, Says Jeff Hardy Getting A Second Chance Is A Great Thing

Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald has a new article online featuring quotes from Abyss. The piece promotes Sunday’s TNA Genesis pay-per-view and features Abyss talking about his character and Jeff Hardy getting a second chance. Below is an excerpt: “The character has been around for 10 years since the beginning of TNA, so it […]

Independent Contractor Status In WWE, Randy Orton’s Injury, The Cryptic Videos, Jeff Hardy

Are WWE wrestlers classified as WWE employees or independent contractors? WWE wrestlers signed under performer’s contracts are classified as independent contractors, not company employees. Due to the independent contractor status, there is no set pay structure or union that offers benefits. The classification has been argued and even fought in court; however, the bottom line […]

TNA Genesis Main Event Set & Why It Shouldn’t Surprise Any WNW Premium Members

As expected, TNA Genesis will be headlined by Bobby Roode defending the TNA Championship against Jeff Hardy. TNA has already officially announced the match. I reported early last month here on Premium that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff see Jeff Hardy as the babyface that should be carrying the company and the title should […]

Final Resolution News – “Fired” Stipulation Added To Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy; Opening Match Revealed

Dixie Carter posted the following news bits for tomorrow night’s TNA Final Resolution pay-per-view on her social networking accounts: * If Jeff Jarrett loses his match against Jeff Hardy in which Karen Jarrett will be handcuffed to Sting at ringside, either he or Karen will be fired. * The show will open with Rob Van […]

Jeff Hardy Working Through A Back Injury

I can confirm reports that Jeff Hardy is currently working through a back injury. The injury has caused him to be limited as to what he can do in the ring and he has been booked accordingly. TNA will tape the next two weeks of Impact Wrestling on Monday and Tuesday night from Universal Studios […]