More On Serena Deeb’s Arrest

To update on our earlier report, former WWE Diva Serena Deeb was arrested for driving a boat while under the influence on Sunday. You can still view her mughshot through this link here on

Former WWE Diva Admits She Had A Drinking Problem

Former WWE Diva Serena Deeb has opened up about her drinking problem. She wrote the following on Twitter: Today I am incredibly proud, as it marks one full year I have gone without drinking alcohol. A year ago I looked myself in the mirror & reevaluated my priorities. I decided to make serious changes. I […]

Former WWE Diva Suffers Serious Concussion

Former WWE Diva Serena Deeb wrote the following on Twitter on Friday: A message to all my supporters- I recently sustained a rather serious concussion and following my doctors instructions, will not wrestle for a period of time. I apologize to those who were looking forward to seeing me anytime in the near future. I […]