Take-Two To Take Over Development Of WWE Games From THQ

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Bloomberg is reporting that Take-Two Interactive Software Inc, the parent company of 2KSports, has agreed to take over development and production of WWE video games from bankrupt THQ.

No other details are available as of this writing.

  • Joey

    WWE 2K14!!!!!!

  • MicroShift

    From what I’ve read elsewhere, Take 2 are simply taking over the PUBLISHING of the WWE games. Development will still be in the hands of Yuke.

    • Yes, this is true, its what they do with most of their companies/games, take Rockstar for example.

  • Johnny C

    Richard you should change the title of this article. They are publishing the games, not developing them. Giant difference.

  • Michael

    Yes yes yes!! My player mode, my story, ultimate dynasty mode, legends, career mode, better creation suits. I’m hyped up this is awesome.

    • Pluto

      You sound like a little kid, you mark.

      • Flanny

        you sound like a mark calling him a mark

      • Michael

        Really Pluto we calling each other marks now.

  • Jimmy

    Bring back GM Mode!!!!

  • I secretly wished for this to go to EA but 2K does an equally amazing job with sports franchises and just the possibilities. Although I would like a “from scratch” game, i can’t help but think Yuke’s was already developing 14 so, as other news places said, should be a smooth game and hopefully still coming out this fall.

    • Why, there is no better company than 2k at this point. I’m glad they have the WWE game.

  • Willie

    I hope EA ever make another wrestling game….. Just look at Tna wrestling game #SUCKS!!!! THQ,THQ THQ

    • Pluto

      Troll harder son. The TNA game is better than any of the WWE games.