Taming The Rock Haters, Morale In WWE, NAO Back, Why Not End The Streak?

How bad are the multiple no-shows by The Rock leading up to Wrestlemania? It seems not only is the rehash of last year wearing on the matchup with Cena, but they aren't even going with the via satellite segments like they did in the past. He's the titleholder, shouldn't he be visible in some form every week for this?

First of all The Rock isn't no-showing. A no-show is when a worker is advertised but does not appear. The Rock hasn't been advertised for Raw the last two weeks as he was expected to be unavailable. Back to your question, WWE knew what they were getting when they made the decision to put the WWE title on The Rock. The haters are going to hate but the fact of the matter is The Rock outdraws the entire WWE roster. All one has to do is take a quick glance at the numbers. I'm aware there are some WWE workers that "work the sheets" by spreading dirt on Rock but my reaction to this is "put up or shut up." If you don't like The Rock carrying the WWE title, then become a bigger draw. The fact of the matter is The Rock caused last year's Wrestlemania to be the most-bought PPV in WWE history and will look to top that this year with the addition of Brock Lesnar. It's hard for a person lower on the card to swallow but Rock actually causes them to get paid more.

What does it do for the morale of the WWE locker room when part timers like Undertaker, Rock, Lesnar and Triple H come back for cameos and get Wrestlemania main events?

This is right along the lines of what I said above. People not getting booked despite working more and appearing more aren't going to be happy. Jealously will set in and the gossip will run rampant. However, my argument is rather than bellyaching, why not use it as motivation to get better? Watch tape, get better on the mic, study those that are over and figure out how to get there. The writers are the scapegoat and while it's easy to criticize someone else, it's time for personal accountability. When CM Punk shot up the ranks a couple years ago, people complained WWE gave him more leeway on the mic, so of course he was able to get over. I'm calling BS. Punk got over because he's talented. When I see workers get opportunities and fail to take advantage of them (Brad Maddox forgetting his lines, Jack Swagger getting popped for DUI, Alberto Del Rio performing an enzuigiri on the invisible man, etc.), I blame them. Not the writers, not the producers and not Vince McMahon. Get better, try harder and until you can outdraw The Rock, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Triple H, keep your mouth shut and be thankful they are there to put money in your pocket.

Are the New Age Outlaws back as full time performers in WWE?

No, Road Dogg works as a producer backstage and Billy Gunn is a developmental trainer. Given the fact they're both still in good shape they can be used in matches on occasion. This is one of the things I give Triple H props for as you can read why here at WWENews.net.

You've gone on record as to being for CM Punk ending Undertaker's streak and I can see the value of that. However, what if Punk could get the rub while Taker kept the streak? Like a no contest angle. Punk is the only
person to not lose to Taker and Taker gets to go home 20-0 and so forth.

I don't like it. Pseudo wins through no contest and DQ outcomes are of no value. I think they are inexcusable in main event matches on major pay-per-views. The question that has to be answered is this - what outcome gives WWE the best opportunity to succeed going forward? You know my answer. What's yours? How does going Undertaker going 21-0 at Wrestlemania help the company? I'd love to hear from the opposition on this one because a situation I didn't think was possible (a viable opponent vs. a physically capable Undertaker) just a year ago is here. Why not take advantage of it?

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  • Illdecide

    I think it’s more of a disservice to the fans to not only not feature Rock on every Raw to Wrestlemania, but to not have him compete. What’s next week, rock and Cena hype up Wrestlemania with their eyes closed? Another singalong? Sign a contract? Have them compete I’d love to see Rock in ring against some of the new blood like Cesaro or Fandango (assuming he ever fights lol) or older classic opponents like Triple H or Jericho. Just having Rock talk or no show every week as champion is getting ridiculously boring.

    • I agree Rock needs to work on free TV but to constantly complain about the WWE Champion being absent is ridiculous. The fact of the matter is The Rock being on the Wrestlemania card will sell the event. Brock Lesnar being on the card will sell the event. All the workers that complain about it need to do a better job. It really is that simple.

      • “I agree Rock needs to work on free TV but to constantly complain about the WWE Champion being absent is ridiculous. The fact of the matter is The Rock being on the Wrestlemania card will sell the event. ”

        This is ridiculous. You’re talking economics NOT Wrestling. I couldn’t care how much the The Rock draws, or how many PPV buys he’ll generate at WM.

        It’s beyond stupid for The Face of WWE (always the current champion) to not be the focal point on each broadcast, or at least be present. The champion of your show is THE guy and he’s nowhere in sight! What does that say. Thing is… I love The Rock…

        The whole purpose of WWE is to entertain. To do that there must be a narrative and hierarchy in place for people to feel involved adequately. The apex of said hierarchy is the WWE Championship and WWE Champion. Not having the champion on the broadcast is idiotic. Would be like not having your main character on a TV show for a month… what’s the point of the show then? Imagine The Walking Dead where Rick just disappears for 3 weeks and it’s not explained within the context of the show… Dreadful. Note: I’m purely talking about narrative structure which RAW & Smackdown have, so why’s it okay for the main character/focal point of the show to disappear without explanation? It isn’t okay.

        This is why I have such a problem with WWE at times. Illogical in the extreme.

        The only way The Rock’s absence would work is if it served the narrative or was legitimately explained ie. Part of an angle.

        No matter how much you argue that he’ll draw at WM, that it makes financial sense it should not interfere with the direction of the narrative. RAW is a television show and as such follow the conventions of television. The Rock being absent is abhorrent. There is literally no point in him being champion, which equates to bad television. Yes, WWE will make money but they need to, and can do that without sacrificing the integrity of their bread and butter – A weekly episodic TV show. End of story.

  • People that are wanting CM Punk to end the streak need to be more concerned with Punk kicking out of the Tombstone. If Punk doesn’t kick out of that it will tell you all you need to know on how WWE views Punk. HBK and HHH both kicked out of the Tombstone in 3 out of the last 4 Taker matches at WM. If I were a Punk fan I would have more realistic expectations: kicking out of the Tombstone, putting Taker on the brink of losing, and possibly passing out to Hell’s Gate is what I’d like for.

    • Ricky

      Undertaker is already a WWE Legend and his career is dying down. While he could go 21-0 all that would do is add another win and perhaps bury Punk to where he can never recover. If Taker goes 20-1 and loses to Punk, the short term is Punk would be uber heel. He would be THE heel in the WWE, and as time marched on he would be known as the guy who ended the streak. Richard talks about Rock passing the torch to Cena. If Punk beat the Taker, it would be the Taker passing down the torch to Punk.

      • Cena sucks

        Cena don’t need the torch he needs a night light for all the little kids

  • I would like to see The Shield somehow get involved, laying out Taker and Punk pinning him for a 3 count. The ref doesn’t see it due to the interference (maybe even have Kane come out to help drive off the Shield). Punk goes to get the ref’s attention, Taker sits up like the old days, Last Ride to win (given that Punk has kicked out of the Tombstone and chokeslam, and got to the ropes while in Hell’s gate).
    Punk still gets a rub, goes on claiming he pinned Taker at WM (like what he was saying after RR) and Taker’s streak stays alive.
    Rematch at Summer Slam, Punk pins him clean, Taker rides off. Everyone wins…streak stays intact, Taker puts Punk over as he leaves.

    • Im confused here if punk pins taker at wm in your senerio the streak ends yet your saying its still in tact after the pin care to explain?

      • -|AZ|-

        Which part of “The ref doesn’t see it due to the interference” did you not understand?

  • K!ng

    First off doesnt the streak include DQ finishes? Second It is my opinion that The Streak should end. It makes perfect sense if this was the undertakers last match. He would be doing what those before him did putting someone over on their way out and what better event to have your last match at then wrestlemania. Only problem is the card this year is stacked and if it was his last match it would have to be the last match which wont happen w rock vs cena 2. Call me old school but no matter how great you are you put someone over on your way out.

    • Kenneth

      Taker beat Giant Gonzales by DQ, back before the concept of The Streak existed.

      • k! ng

        and king kong bundy…

        • Kenneth

          Pinfall victory.

  • Coopapalooza

    Punk should lose to taker at mania. He should then decimate taker after the bell. Literally taking him out for a year so he can come back next year if he wants. If he doesn’t punk is the man who took out the undertaker. Gives punk the rub as the man who ended takers stereak but let’s taker retire undefeated at mania. Punk could milk it for literally years.

    • opie

      How exactly does this end the streak?

      • That’s the problem. It doesn’t

        • Gio

          It doesn’t Richard, but if Undertaker retires then Punk can say he retired the streak

    • Rob UK

      Didn’t triple H leave undertaker out for a year….?

  • Mr.V

    I really don’t have a problem with certain stars only coming on once in a while and not having to work a regular schedule. I call these “Titans” … and in wrestling there should be titans. The B stars (and current A stars) should just accept this fact and hope that no new guy automatically gets to be a titan. They have to have put in years and years of work simple as that.

  • B Haan

    Richard, I really like your arguments for “Ending the Streak” because it does make sense for the business to continue to grow, however, In my opinion I don’t think Punk is the guy to do it because the streak should be carried on after Taker is beaten and retired. The Streak has become the biggest thing in wrestling. Didn’t Punk go on record last year sometime when asked about retirement himself and he said it might ” depress fans” because he is only a couple years away? Why have Punk get this massive rub only to retire himself in the near future?

    • Even if it elevates Punk for 2 years it’s better than Undertaker retiring and having nothing.

      • cobra

        I’m not for or against ending the streak. But you seem to think if CM Punk ends the streak, CM Punk becomes the guy. But I remember when it seemed obvious Rock was leaning more towards Hollywood and Austin’s in ring career was coming near the end, they had Chris Jericho beat the Rock and Austin in the same night. If that isn’t a a big rub, I don’t know what is. Now Chris Jericho had a great career and all, but he was never the guy. Because after he won the WWE never pushed him as the guy. So there is no guarantee even if CM Punk does win that the WWE will push him as the guy.

        • Snap

          Objectively speaking, until WWE is willing to drop the “SuperCena” gimmick, there is no way anybody will have a chance at becoming the top guy. Like Ric Flair so often said “to be The Man you have to beat The Man” but you would be hard pressed to find anybody who has been allowed to actually “beat” Cena over the past few years.

          CM Punk, when he won the WWE championship at Money in the Bank, Cena was distracted trying to prevent Laurinaitis from ending the match and, at SummerSlam, Cena’s foot was on the ropes when he was pinned. On the 1000th RAW, Big Show helped Punk retain and it was Big Show Punk pinned at the triple threat at SummerSlam.

          However, Cena has won clean over Punk at least twice. The only time Cena has recently lost clean was to The Rock last year at WrestleMania. It is a clear indication that Cena cannot lose clean but there are no problems with him winning clean. A clean victory over Cena and an acknowledgement that he was beaten by the better man is the best way to put somebody over, but you don’t get that with Cena. You usually get a tainted victory, followed by Cena either making his opponent his bitch (like Ziggler) or refusing to admit that his opponent may be better (like Punk).

          Take some of that armor off of Cena and you can make big stars while not hurting Cena at all. For some reason, WWE just does not want Cena to appear human.

      • Fish

        No it does not Richard. Stop trying to defend a stance that has been clearly pointed out to be one with no future payoff past a couple years. Punk should not get the win because he is going to be gone. At this point if there is not a worker (that is going to be in it for the long haul) that is worthy of it besides Punk in your eyes, than the streak should just stay intact.

      • Andres

        Sorry Richard, but most of the comments here disagree with you and with good reasons that you haven’t been able to rebut… unless it is true that you’re turning heel haha

  • Richard, I tend to agree with you on most things, but not today. First off, one of the biggest reasons against Punk defeating Taker at Mania is just as you have said, someone needs to benefit from it. Now I am not saying punk would not but lets be real for a second. He is already one of the top guys in the WWE, but CM Punk himself has said when he gets board or feels like he has done it all he moves on. FYI source was the CM Punk DVD. So with that being said you have to also realize that right before Punks historic title run he was on his way out the door, and if you be leave what he said in the BITW DVD, he didn’t resign till his match was almost on. I guess what I am trying to illustrate is, yes CM Punk is the first viable person in some time to challenge the streak, but can WWE keep punk form taking that accolade to TNA or ROH and have him finish his career in WWE? I don’t think they can.The other thing I wanted to point out is that as a fan not a worker I feel it is ridiculous Rock is not on WWE weekly. It almost seems as if you have backed off you stance that for Rock to be seen as a creadable champion he has to wrestle on free TV.

    • Punk is under WWE contract, he’s making millions. They’re not worried about him jumping to TNA and certainly not ROH.

  • sir-rusty82

    Is anyone else getting sick of the same questions……. for months (even before the matches were announced even before they were back on tv) I think I have heard the questions about the part timers taking the spot light off the full timers & how many times do you have to answer with your opinion about Punk vs the streak………. Come on people if you dont come on this sight much just scroll down the page these questions have been awnsered 100 times

    • Send me some of your own.

      • Ive sent in at least 3 dozen questions over the years about alot of different things and they never get answered

        • List some here. Let’s have a look

          • Most arent relevant now so pointless

          • “Answer different questions”

            OK, give me your questions

            “I don’t have any questions!”

            Make sense to you? Because I don’t understand your criticism.

          • Popped A Molly Im Sweatin

            WWE would benefit from Undertaker being 21-0, do u have any idea what the buyrates for the undertaker/streak DVD would be? i’ll give you a hint; milions of dollaz, millions of dollaz, milions of dollaz

      • sir-rusty82

        lol I got more likes than you for my comment……….come on even you would have to be bashing your head on the computer desk screaming “this question AGAIN!!!!!!”

  • tomcatjerrymouse

    You say guys should “put up or shut up” and try to become bigger draws. Well what more do guys like CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan have to do? They’ve worked their butts off to deserve a main event spot at WM but they keep getting pushed aside by guys from the past. In the WWE It’s never about what you do and how well you do it but it’s who you are.
    And another problem is all those fans who are spoiled by these dream matches. CM Punk/Daniel Bryan in the main event at WM would tear the house down they’d rather pay to see The Rock/John Cena because it looks better on paper.

    • Winnipeg

      What more would they have to do? Come up with catchy catchphrases and leave WWE for 8 years to do movies then come back. :p

    • I’m very high up on both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Anyone that knows me knows that. Punk vs. Daniel Bryan would make all use IWCers extremely happy but what about the rest of the audience? We have to remember it’s not all about the IWC, we’re only a segment of mainstream pro wrestling.

      • tomcatjerrymouse

        I understand what you’re saying. My problem isn’t with what you said in your blog. You’re right, The Rock makes more money for the WWE than anybody else on the roster, but big picture wise it’s a problem for the WWE. They can’t keep relying on guys from the past. They’re not gonna be around forever. I still haven’t been able to understand if it’s because the WWE doesn’t know how to create those must see guys anymore or if it’s because today’s stars don’t have what it takes.

    • thekaz

      20 years from now when The Rock, Lesnar, Taker, and Triple H arent around. Guys like Punk, Bryan and Ziggler will come back and do exactly the same thing. The older guys that come back after they have left will always draw more. FACT. Its just a cycle. My opinion anyway.

      • tomcatjerrymouse

        It’s not the way it should be. Back in the Attitude era they didn’t need guys from the past like Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage to sell they’re ppvs. They created a bunch of new stars and it was the best era ever in wrestling.

    • Rock,cena etc started off with nothing but came up with excellent characters and hit it big if ziggler and bryan could do that aswell it would be the same story

      • tomcatjerrymouse

        They had the perfect opportunity with Daniel Bryan after he went over huge with the crowd on Raw the day after WM but then they went and put him into the lame anger management angle, going around hugging people in the middle of the ring and acting like a kindergarden kid. Who could possibly take him seriously now?

    • Yung

      As much as I like Punk, Ziggler and Bryan i have to disagree with you. CM Punk only started main eventing in early 2011, Bryan had yet to be a cemented main event talent and Ziggler main event run comes later this year so how can they main event WM and be better draws than Taker. Taker has been maineventing for well over 10 years. The this is coming from a guy whos favorite wrestler is Dolph Ziggler.

  • Malboja

    I still believe the undertaker should go out at survivor series where he started

  • Winnipeg

    “How does going Undertaker going 21-0 at Wrestlemania help the company”? 
    I’ll tell you why. Cena’s going to be champ again at wrestlemania solidifying his top spot in the company keeping punk still @ #2 
    Now if punk won this year, what pressure will be on him in the following wrestlemanias? Every year they’ll have to being up punk ending the streak and people will hope that punk will bring the same prestige every year he’s in wrestlemaina as Undertaker did. Unless Punk starts a new streak I don’t see the value of Punk going over Undertaker as there is more focus on Cena vs Rock 2. The only way Punk will be the face of the company is if he has the same blessing as The Rock had when Stone Cold re-injured his neck but instead stone cold would be John Cena and The Rock being Cm Punk. 

  • ya if taker loses, sorry but i will never watch wrestling again.

    • Ricky

      No big loss

    • Yes you will

      • Smexy “JAY” Shuffle

        Lol Richard it seems like your turning Heel yourself haha

      • Ba

        Arrogant. Not everyone is like you. I know several people who said they would never watch TNA again if they put the title back on Hardy after all his nonsense. They put the belt on him, and my friends stopped watching.

        Some people can stand by their convictions and declarations. You have some fucking gall to just decide a person is lying.

    • Rob UK

      You know the streak isn’t real right? Wrestling is predetermined. A show. WWE never set out with the intention of Taker going 20-0. But now that they have and given where taker is in his career they would be mad not to use it as the greatest rub you can give to a performer. To basically make a ‘star’. Should that be Punk? I don’t know but would it hurt taker to lose..? No I don’t think so. I think it hurts taker to keep turning up just once a year for a match.

  • If taker gives his blessing to punk to win. Then you gotta respect that. Am happy with whatever decision taker makes whether he loses or not.

    • -|AZ|-

      Exactly! Taker should have a say in the outcome of this match. The streak exists not only because of the booking, but also due to respect people in the company have for Taker. (Heard someone say that Glenn Jacobs a.k.a Kane said he wouldn’t end the streak if he was told to do so)


  • Guest

    @wnw13:disqus but the fact of the matter is The Rock outdraws the entire WWE roster. All one has to do is take a quick glance at the numbers. that is true by pure numbers but survivor series 2011 lost money due to advertising and how much the rock made and royal rumble this year will end up clearing less than 2012 due to the rock’s payoff.

    • Tickets for Wrestlemania 29 grossed $10 million in the first day.

    • Pay-Per-View revenues for the fourth quarter of 2011 were $14.6 million as compared to $13.8 million in the prior year quarter, reflecting a 2% increase in total pay-per-view buys. Buys for the four comparable events in the current and prior year quarter declined 3%, but were more than offset by an increase in prior period buys, which resulted in a 6% increase in pay-per-view revenue.

      • craig

        i am talking about the shows rock is the main event. besides mania the other two shows rock is in the main event are going to end of getting a lower net profit due to the amount of money the rock will get paid. now will wwe make a better net profit off ppv for this year’s mania vs last years since i bet the rock is getting even a bigger payout than last year and a pretty good payout to brock? basically these part timers are nice but they are also costing a lot more money than say dolph or del rio in the same spot on the card.

        • Merch and other things attributed to The Rock far offset his expense to the company.

          • craig

            good point

  • Guest

    Richard Gray
    but the fact of the matter is The Rock outdraws the entire WWE roster.
    All one has to do is take a quick glance at the numbers. that is true
    by pure numbers but survivor series 2011 lost money due to advertising
    and how much the rock made and royal rumble this year will end up
    clearing less than 2012 due to the rock’s payoff.

  • Gray_Richard

    The way richie answered the second question makes him the biggest mark in wrestling. Lmao

  • Sujay

    Well Richard, the whole debate about Undertaker loosing at wrestlemania depends on whether or not this is taker’s last mania…. If it is, than and only than I would start considering punk going over taker…

    As you said above, People like the Undertaker draw big at wrestlemania, while it is completely true I on the other had would add that now a days the Streak draws as much as the undertaker…

    For eg, would there be as much interest in Undertaker’s next year’s wrestlemania match (given he decides to participates) if his streak is over…. I think many fans wouldnt look forward to that match if the streak is history… It wouldnt be considered one of the night’s top matches…

    Undertaker and the streak has surely helped draw big since his WM25 match against hbk… So if taker is competing next year, than from a marketing point of view it would be the biggest mistake to have punk beat the streak… And i am sure that the businessman that vince is, he would never do it…

  • opie

    A lot of people keep talking about how a loss would ruin Taker’s legacy. Taker has won 20 matches at Wrestlemania — by far the most wins. Tied for second are Hulk Hogan (the most important wrestler in the history of Wrestlemania) and Bret Hart with eight apiece. Shawn Michaels, Mr. Wrestlemania, posted a record of 6-11. These guys were all just as big as Taker. Even if Taker loses, he still goes 20-1, which is an insane record.

  • lee

    Richard with the way the match is going, with them involving Paul Bearer. I don’t see the Undertaker losing to Punk

    • I don’t either

      • Xavier

        I’ll answer your question from above. Taker going over Punk at WM is beneficial going forward because it allows the WWE to set up a Taker/Cena match at next year’s WM which would be 5x the draw of Taker/Punk. And the possiblity of Cena beating Taker at Mania is much more believable. Punk is a heel who hasn’t won a match clean in awhile, so it’s pretty hard to get people to really buy into him as a legit threat the way people were able to buy into HBK, HHH or Batista having a chance. If Cena & Taker both go OVER at Mania it sets the stage perfectly at WM30 for Taker’s last match.

        • mikewales

          but whats the point in cena taking the streak. hes already number one and lets be honest there would be riots if cena went over. i don.t think punk is the right guy to take it either. it should be somebody who is going to be there for a few years at least. someone like ziggler but not right now as hes still not in main event competitionm i say ziggler cash in at mania build him for a year them have him vs taker next year if takers fit and boom. zigglers top 3 in wwe with years to build him into a “titan”

          • Xavier

            I never said anything about Cena beating Taker, I don’t think anyone should end the streak. I just think with Cena being the top guy that he should have the chance to challenge for it. Cena/Taker would do HUGE BUYRATES. Punk fans will never admit it but Punk’s in ring work against bigger opponents is so-so, and 2. Cena/Taker is much better/compelling storyline. 3. Cena has beat a lot of big men (Umaga, Khali, Henry, Kane, Big Show, Lesnar) since he’s been in the E. Fans would buy into Cena having a legit shot to end the streak as opposed to Punk.

        • Snap

          The thing is, there is no way Cena could conceivably end the streak without officially becoming a heel. He gets booed by a large portion of the audience as it is, but if he went and ended what is arguably one of the most revered legacies in WWE, it would make him one of the most hated men in wrestling.

          Beating Taker won’t make the fans who are booing Cena suddenly support him, they’ll hate him even more and that’s not the smartest move for WWE if they intend to keep him as the face of the company for an extended period of time.

          Personally, I would hope that this would be the last match for Taker, having him retire undefeated at WrestleMania while doing honour to Paul Bearer.

          • Xavier

            Funny you brought that up b/c me and some of my friends thought of the possibility of Cena beating Taker thus turning him heel, That would be a HUGE benchmark in the industry. There’s nothing that Punk could do if he beats Taker that could top that. But at the end of the day I’m in favor of Taker going out 22-0. I still think it would be ashame if Taker retires without him & Cena not having crossed paths. I mean it’s been a decade since these two guys have feuded, it’s the feu that really put Cena on the map. They could very well play off the angle as well.

        • You can’t depend on Undertaker for another year. This could be it.

  • Andres

    The analogy to Mr. Wrestlemania and Shawn Michaels is incorrect. Mr. Wrestlemania did not depend on wins or loses. The streak is what gives Undertaker this incomparable value, and if he loses, that’s the end of that value. From an economics perspective, you cannot sell the streak no more. I don’t see why anybody would buy posters, dvds or any product of an imperfect streak. You could say that Punk would cash in that loss, but it’s not certain. The value of the streak and Undertaker as his holder is a fact. The value of the guy that ends the streak is impredictible. If you add to that the intangible of the reaction of Taker fans versus Cm Punk fans, I’d bet that the result would be much more in favor of the Streak. Btw, I think Punk is awesome, but his fan base is not near Taker’s (not yet at least).

  • Fish

    Richard, this is getting pretty annoying that you are so for Punk going over the Undertaker when it has been plainly pointed out to you that Punk is not going to be in the WWE for the long haul. Why are you still pushing for a man to get the ultimate gift of ending the streak when he will not be here for that much longer.

  • Rob Uk

    You can’t outdraw if you don’t get a chance to shine because the belts on part timers or the usual suspects…

  • Scott

    Richard here IS the argument. The streak is a marketing tool for Wrestlemania. In some Wrestlemanias ie 27, the streak was a bigger deal than both the WWE and World Title matches. If the WWE cab keep marketing the streak, people will continue to tune in. Just being given the chance to go against a legend of Undertakers stature is a “rub” that few could dream of. No one on the current roster is even close to being worthy of defeating the streak. This is not because lack of talent but the fact of tenure. No one has and or probably be around for 20 plus Wrestlemanias like Taker. Punk said himself hes only got a few years left in the tank and even Cena himself has been plagued by injuries. The Undertaker is a once in a lifetime performer and the streak is a once in a lifetime feat. Mark Callaway deserves to take his torch home with him for his retirement. “Nuff said.”

  • Lrgetrout9

    I’m waiting for the article, shortly after Wrestlemania ends, by Mr. Gray, on “Why Undertaker’s win at Wrestlemania is best for the WWE.”

    You flip flop more than some politicians Mr. Gray.

  • AlanTaker

    I think Richard is a Heel now haha

    • Just trying to spark some conversation. It’s good for everyone involved.

      • -|AZ|-

        I’m all in for Richard’s heel turn 😉

        “Alberto Del Rio performing an enzuigiri on the invisible man” lol

  • Smexy “JAY” Shuffle

    If you say that CM Punk should end the career, then they havent done a good job building up for it…..Its taken them what a whole year for taker to show and then out of the BLUE hold a random fatal 4 way to determine who will face taker…..They should have made this more personal and more believable….if you asked me I would say this is just another gap filler to face taker at WM as taker and WWE couldnt come up with suitable opponent/money issues whatever,… who would draw bigger then the last previous 3 or 4 matches with taker at WM.

    I would have rather see Punk in a triple threat match against Rock and Cena for the title but the way the WWE have just thrown this Cm punk Vs taker was out of the blue and its only like a few weeks before everyone knew it would be punk facing him anyway. Not like Cena vs Rock knowing for months etc.

    And to be honest i would have rather seen Sheamus or Orton face Taker instead!!!

    I might be a big taker Mark but Rich you are a punk Mark =)

  • Dan

    None of you seem satisfied unless there’s something to whine about. Undertakers days are numbered plain and simple. Why, why, why extend the streak when it’s not even a certainty he’ll be back next year, Cm punk needs to go over in this match. Clean. It will benefit the company in the long run and I’m sure undertaker knows this. If he was in favour of having Randy end the streak 8 years ago then I can’t see why he wouldn’t back punk. Think of the drawing power CM Punk the streak killer will have in years to come if he wins. That’s what’s important. Undertaker will gracefully bow out, propelling punk to legendary status and then punk can do the same when his time comes.

    • Lrgetrout9

      So, what, you get a 2 year rub for killing off the one thing about Wrestlemania that has drawn buy after buy, year after year?

      2 years from now (CM Punk has already said he’s retiring in 2015), would you rather have history in the streak, or just two wrestlers that have retired?

      • Dan

        If cm punk went over I would expect to see a 5-10 year deal. I don’t care what he says. Bret hart said he’d never forgive Shawn and they are appearing together soon.

      • Dan

        I just think anything can happen.

  • karlos

    Answer no it doesn’t really benefit the company if the undertaker goes over. I’m a believer of getting what you deserve and the undertaker deserves to retire undefeated at wrestlemania

  • tj

    Richard here’s a question. Would you rather have Punk end the streak or have Cena end it next year? I personally feel the face of the company deserves that right. While I’m not a fan of his, I feel he’s more deserving.

  • Batman

    “If you don’t like The Rock carrying the WWE title, then become a bigger draw.”

    Easier said than done, what with them giving the attention, big matches, and titles to the part timers. How are they expected to become a bigger draw when they will drop anything for the part timers? I know your nose is firmly up the Rock’s backside, and you’re marking out a little too often when anyone even dares to question the Rock, but just think about what you write.

    It’s not JUST down to them. That’s foolish. EVERYONE is involved with making someone a big draw. If the writers have nothing for them because we need another 20 minutes on the show for the Rock to come out and sing some songs, that’s not down to them. That’s down to the writers, producers et al seeing Rock as “the biggest draw EV0R” and giving him all the spotlight.

  • Mr.V

    Ok I’ll put in my half a cent … I don’t think it has to end ever! The Undertaker is a supernatural character and could perform “matches” for years and years to come even long after he is tired, old and unable to wrestle as he did years ago. Old man taker with long gray hair … a tall dark figure that no longer talks or interacts with other characters and only shows up one time a year for one match.
    Shoot it doesn’t HAVE to be the match of the year every time! It never was before. And he doesn’t HAVE to wrestle a titan … it could be a squash match year after year with hardly any build up or program at all!
    It could be a lottery that no one wants to win because a match against the UT means certain doom!
    Just some poor fool draws the short straw and that’s that. He gulps hard and knows what he is in for.

    So ….… no Undertaker whatsoever in the lead up to WrestleMania … never even a sign … only talk of the legend.
    … ok so maybe one appearance once the straw is drawn and the lights go out and he comes to visit the next victim … but you don’t even need that!!
    So at the big show they talk up the match and reluctantly out comes whatever B or A-
    character they put up for it and you wait and wait for him to show up. The lights go out and when they come back he’s in the ring … full gear – cloak and collar or hood … whatever. Big evil character … two or three moves and the match is over and he returns to the darkness not to be seen till the following year when some poor bastard has to face him again.
    Or he could come with all the druid and fire fare … big long slow entrance that’s five times longer than the actual match. And since he’s supernatural the right worker
    could make him seem as strong as ever for the 5-10 minutes he is actually in the ring completely no-selling everything and just being the phenom.

    I guess I could make a case for any scenario I’m not hung up on this idea … but I thought I’d just put in my long term Taker idea since the comments are going off here.
    If he loses the streak he needs to not wrestle again. You ready to say goodbye forever?

  • AJ

    Simple.. he longer becomes “THE” draw for WM.