Tammy Sytch Claims WWE Contacted Damien Darling, Linda McMahon Senate Ad Interrupts Raw, ICP Releasing Song Called "Chris Benoit"

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- Tammy "Sunny" Sytch claimed on Twitter that her boyfriend, Damien Darling, was recently contacted by WWE:

- In a hilarious twist, I'm told a Linda McMahon for Senate campaign ad actually interrupted the opening moments of Raw Supershow for some viewers in Connecticut. Due to the fact the interruption was a local spot, it was different depending on the market. WWE issued an apology on Tuesday and offered the opening moments of Raw on dot com.

- Insane Clown Posse has filmed a music video for the new lead single on their upcoming "Mighty Death Pop" album due out August 14th. The song, called "Chris Benoit," apparently deals with the loss of sanity and snapping in a moment of panic. You can read coverage by the Detroit Free Press at this link.

  • AnacondaVise

    Stay classy ICP.

    • Terry

      The most hated band in the world man what do you expect ?

  • Dave Barton

    in print, the song sounds respectful…but this is ICP, so I doubt it’ll turn out that way.

  • Wes

    ICP is pure crap.

    • Lugalo 64

      ICP RULES!!! Bring your punk asses to DETROIT and talk shit.

      • Matt

        What about them rules? I know it’s not lyrics or delivery.

      • Jericlone

        Yea! They rule. That’s why they got in a feud with Eminem and he blew them out of the water and is a mogul while they’re still two ass clowns who try to get over with shock value and piss poor Kiss ripoff makeup. ICP is so bad ass.

      • evangrove

        Old tough guy repping the ICP yo.

        Seriously, they really suck.

      • Richy

        The only thing worse than ICP are Juggalo's

  • Hunter

    Lol ICP has fans?

  • Kevin

    I realize that "Chris Benoit" was his real name, so perhaps I'm wrong here, but doesn't WWE own the rights to that name? In other words, ICP may be in legal hot water for naming their song "Chris Benoit".

  • Ricky Valdez

    Im not familiar with icp, but I really hope it’s not a song to diss Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit is still in my heart, one of the most amazing wrestlers I have ever seen, things went bad for Chris, horribly wrong. The last thing I want to see is a song or video dissing him. To this day I still have a picture of Benoit on my wall along with about 8 other pictures of the best wrestlers I have ever seen. I couldnt take the picture of the wall with what happened in his down fall. I had fallowed Chris when he was a nobody in wcw until the end when things went bad. I can’t forget Chris, I won’t.

  • Jman72485

    I was wondering why it cut to commercial so early, only that here in san diego we got on advertising the san diego show they have planning and a golden corral one…

  • HRoll

    ICP is the worst…whatever you want to call them…ever. Them and their fans are all worthless wastes of oxygen.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Wait…… ICP's STILL ALIVE??? These bozos (haha) havent been relevant since 2001. Who told them to come back??

  • Matt

    ICP. [email protected]/ you!

  • Karen

    U want 2 diss ICP? Come 2 Jersey!!! U say their fans suck 2? Come 2 Jersey!!! Everyone has 2 b a critic!!! Not everyone likes ur music!!! U must listen 2 Bieber & Spears!!!

    • Benny

      Why would anyone want to go to Jersey?

      • Jericlone

        Exactly! I’ve been. And why do you automatically assume that because someone doesn’t like ICPs crappy music means they like Britney Spears and the Biebz? Though I can’t helped but be intrigued. Baby baby baby ohhh Baby…One more time! Ha. Damn I’m mildly amusing…to myself.

      • PS Pride

        True Jersey is NYC bowel movement

  • Tammy

    Not Impressed at all.I think everyone should let him rest in peace.

  • dmo

    I live in philadelphia and lindas ad interrupted the opening for mine